In the beginning, there were few. The night was around the start of August. We all found we Roleplayed with each other in this club. The only real social place in Rubi-Ka at the time. Original things came out of it, we had a dance competition, we danced on the tables, and we all acted as our own characters.
We all then chilled in the back "chillout" room and wondered what everyone else would think of this place. We thought it was great. But since we were all in different time zones and places, how could we organize times and events? This site was born. The concept was simply for Roleplayers in AO, set in character as a nightclub.
The basis of this site is it's for you, the club-going public. If you want to hold a night, you can. We can promote it. And we want to help this place become THE place to RP in the whole of Rubi-Ka. We've come a long way in a single month, the subscribers list to the Newsletter has over 100 people, the message board has well over 100 people registered on it. And we have now installed a counter, polls, quizes and lots more to make this place even more fun for your gaming experience inworld and off.

Roleplay away, this is yours to share and yours to enjoy. Be any type of character you want. And watch as the club people respond in their RP way to your character.
Thankyou to the GM's that have attended so far, they too can help increase the fun to be had from this club.

Work your way thru the site, see what we've done, and what we can do.

This game is anything you want to make it, and we can prove that here.

Update : September 12th 23,475ad