Sunday 2nd September
3am CET,  2am GMT,  9pmEST,  7pmCST,  5pmPST

These awards are just a small recognition of some of the people that have put real effort into Baboons and their experience.
There will be a big party along with a moment of award giving, along with (most probably) competitions and such.

Everyone is welcome to celebrate what Baboons has become over the past month and will hopefully continue to be over the coming months.

The TOP 10 Awards
Each award winner will recieve a flower as an award to keep and remind them about their achievement.
I didnt think it appropriate to give anything substantial out, just something as an acknowledgement of their achievement.

The Contribution to Music Award
-  RattleHead

Award for 1st Announced DJ
-  SolarFlare

Award for Flare & Uniqueness
-  Ambrosia

Most Famous Couple Award
-  Anabelle and Seiffer

Most Consistent Humor Award
-   Tappert

Award for first recognized Table Dancer
-   Purity

Most prominent Club Clanner
-   HoneyFlash

The Biggest Contribution Award
-   Seiffer (for 100k award to "Battle of the DJ's" winner)

Most Supportive Person Award
-   Baroness

The Prestigious Most Original Roleplayer Award
-   Father Chagidiel