I took Purity to a place called "Last Ditch", despite its horrible name, its a really unique place for its beautiful buildings and wonderful landscape.

I took her to the centre of the town and we climbed the highest building to the top, because i knew it held one of the best and highest sites
in all of Rubi-Ka

Ever prepared, i'd brought lunch. Despite Purity thinking i was trying to tell her something when i placed out a salad,
she soon warmed when i put down the chocolate cake.... ;)

We talked from mid morning to dusk, and then on into the night.

Sitting together we watched the sun go down behind the mountain range.

At not wanting to run all the way back, (prepare yourself) we killed our selves and met up in Babs where we had a fun final hour and danced a lot.
Thankyou to Purity for a wonderful night :)