(frenquently asked questions)
Last Updated : 12th Sept

Q  : "Who is in charge?"
A - As said above, no one. Lev Rivers webmasters the site. But as Navik, Agentsector.com and the Doctors Group, anyone can organize events. The regulars usually make the most popular events tho. No one person is in charge and ever will be unless Funcom deems so.

Q : "Im a clan/neutral, am i welcome?"
A - While the odd Omni wont like you, most have no problem with clanners or neutrals coming in and enjoying themselves (most wont even notice you are). Although you'll have to ask someone to buy you a drink because the bartenders dont sell to anyone but Omni. Funcom is also now to include clubs/social place for the clans/neutrals, so after that, we cant really disdain at people abusing clanners in the club.

Q : "How do i get there?"
A - We understand some people are further away than Lev's run on the 'how to get there' run. If you arent Omni, most likely is you'll have trouble getting here unless you have enough computer lit for the grid (usually around level 16) Head to Omni-E.
To get good computer lit, add to INTELLIGENCE as well as COMPUTER LIT

Q : "How do i become a regular?"
A - Turn up every other night. Regulars are regulars because they ARE regular. If you dont want that committment, then there is the hugely popular guestbook page for everyone.
No Regulars will be added for a good few weeks to see who IS a regular from now on. Because we were adding way too many. I didnt like having to do that but its only so the people who put the time in to come every other night get their reward.

Q : "Why goddammit is everything (all the times) always for americans?"
A - Simply because thats the busiest times. There are many issues here, i myself live in the UK. But it hasnt been released here or in most of Europe yet, when it does, more people will turn up at the Euro and UK times and we'll be able to hold events at those times. Its only temporary. Please dont get angry because there is nothing we can do about it at the moment, only when the game is released in the respective countries. Europe's release date is late September, after a week or so, we will attempt our first "Euro Night"

Q : "WHAT THE HELL.....How am i meant to get IN? I cant move!"
A - The entrance is the worst part of Baboons, once you hit the dancefloor, things do get lots better. Some people get completely stuck tho. Its nothing to do with modem or DSL tho, it has happened to people with BOTH types of connection, and happens randomly to people. Its happened to me once, and hasnt happened since.

Q : "Im in Dimension 2......AAAGGGGGHHHHHH!"
A - This is most peoples reaction. Dont worry. We're sure Baboons D2 will eventually take off, and when it does, this site WILL support Dimension 2 events and regulars and anything else that happens there. We are 100% behind roleplay in Rubi-Ka, not just our club.

Q : "The music is dull, awful, insane, durge, crap, irritating....cant you play more tracks?"
A - Whaddya think we are Arks??? GMs??? ;) Nope. We tried, we've emailed Funcom on 2 occassions but our megre problems are nothing to Funcom with lag issues and crash problems. We wanted them to make it so the music could be changed by announced DJ's or from the DJ Decks, but no. So we are doing it ourselves thru live 365, see the message board or Rattles "Newbies Guide to Baboons" above to see how you can hear new music in the club

Q : "Who has the time to bother?"
A - This was a response from a player called Vindi (something or other, his name was longer but i cant remember insanely long names). he didnt take off his armour and walked around Baboons with not much intention to Roleplay. If you dont want to roleplay....DONT COME IN. He said he was looking for someone, but he could've /telled her because she wasnt even IN the club. Please, this building was designed for one purpose, to roleplay, dont come in if you have no intention. Its like walking up to a mission terminal and trying to hold a conversation with it...its NOT what it was designed for

Rattleheads "Newbie Guide to Baboons"
I've noticed a lot of new faces around the club lately. That's wonderful! Unfortunately I've noticed
a lot of the new club goers being misinformed about some things. I've started this thread to outline some
of the more widely accepted "rules" of conduct as well as some information that's not really on the web page
(mostly because it's out of character I'm guessing).

1. Who's In Charge (Or Not)
First off, keep in mind that nobody is really "in charge" of Baboons. Some of us have just volunteered to take
on certain duties to help make the Baboons experience a fun one. Always remember, you don't have to be in a
position of authority to make a difference at Baboons.

Next, I don't run the Baboons web page. I'm just VERY loud on it.  Lev Rivers is actually the one who put it
together and does all the updates (and he does such a wonderful job!).

2. DJ's and the offical stream

Baboons official stream can be found by going to this link:


When you get there, click on the yellow play button to start the music. You need an MP3 player capable of playing
MP3 streams. I recommend winamp which can be downloaded for free at http://www.winamp.com/.

Right now Baboons main DJ is Solar Flare, although there have been special apperances by DJ Roboto. I am not a resident DJ. For the past couple of nights I have been DJing the the official stream for testing purposes. Think of me as the roadie for Baboons (heh, I dub that my official title  ). New DJ's will be added to the bill from time to time, and will get access to the stream so they can spin some music.

We're trying to keep one official stream so the listeners don't have to fiddle around trying to find each and every DJ's personal stream. If you want to run your own stream then feel free to set it up and advertise it around the club.

Finally, note that different people like different kinds of music. When I'm DJing I try to keep a wide mix of songs being played. If you connect to the stream and hear something you don't like, then please don't flood the DJ with "Your music sucks" /tell's. Stick around for a bit and see if anything tickles your fancy. Also, if you're DJing the official stream, keep this in mind and try to play a little something different here and there. Some of us don't like metal all the time, some of us don't like dance/techno all the time, and some of us don't like hip-hop all the time.

3. Conduct
Firstly, please note that these are not "offical" rules of any kind (see item 1 above). These are just guidelines to help make everyone have a good experience at Baboons. These are just some things I've picked up from hanging around the club and listening to people talk.

a) Please holster all weapons at the front door.
I know we're under the effects of happy gas, but some people feel uncomfortable around weapons. Besides there is absoltely no reason for having a weapon out in the club (unless you're swallowing knives or something, heh).

b) Please keep all out of character talk in double parenthesis. Example:
((What's the URL for the music stream?))
Baboons is getting a lot of press for being THE place to roleplay on Rubi-Ka. Let's try and keep it that way. This allows us to differentiate between what you are saying as your character and what you are saying as you. Also, it lets us hard core roleplayers ignore what you're saying out of character.

c) Please treat all table dancers with the respect they deserve. Keep in mind this is totally subjective, as some of us get up on the table as a joke and expect to be ridiculed. I'm mostly talking about people who say things to dancers (mostly males talking to female dancers, but I've seen it the other way around) like this: "Hey whore, get down from that table and f*** me!". This is not appropriate conduct and will get you tossed out of almost any club in the universe. We, and I use "we" in the general sense, know that you're just roleplaying an not so nice person. We're just roleplaying a bunch of people who don't want an not so nice person harassing the dancers.

d) Please refrain from using excessive amounts of vulgar language. I curse, you curse, everyone curses. It's not a big deal. It becomes a big deal when every other word out of your mouth is f***. It's not needed and only shows that you're craving attention for something. As the old saying goes "It doesn't make you look mature, it makes you look like an idiot".

e) Please don't kill the bartenders. They work hard to bring you the best quality drinks in all of Rubi-Ka. How would you like it if I killed you for fixing me a drink? We can always find someone to take you to the arena so you can pick on someone your own size.

f) Please don't interrupt events with your stupidity. Everyone wants to be the center of attention, but some people work hard to bring you fun and interesting events. Flooding the chat window and dancing around in the middle of the event action are an insult to the nice voluteers who are taking time out of their play schedule to do something fun for everyone.

g) Please refrain from using excessive talking scripts. A few lines of text is not a problem. A lot of text on one line is not a problem. The problem is when people flood the chat window with scripts that have one or two words on a line for 50 lines. A lot of people come here to socialize and it makes it hard to carry on conversations when you're flooding the chat window.

h) Buy Rattlehead a beer.  Ok, I made this one up.

That's all I can think of for now. If anyone else has anything to add then please reply to this post. Also, before anyone complains please re-read item number 1 and remember that these are just guidelines and you can't be thrown out of the club for not obeying them (although you can be thrown out of the entire game if one of these items are against Funcom rules as well).

Thanks for taking the time to read through this.