Like i keep saying, this site and baboons isnt just for regulars, its for EVERYONE. Every person that ever goes in there to roleplay, its for you, along with this site. Which is why i devised this page for absoloutely ANYONE.

If you've dropped by, had a fun experience, or want to let us know what you did, simply send us an email, with a PICTURE of you (preferably in the club), your NAME (nickname), and your COMMENTS/GUESTBOOK STATEMENT (funniest experience in the club, the nights/times you go in...or just to say "i was here!")

Get yourself up here for all to see!

LOG 24

 "Wee... Baboons is so much fun! Been here for round 1 week now, I`ve met lots of people and mark my words: Baboons is THE place to be for roleplayers and "Xp-slaves" who need some time off. Im always on (okay almost) from Midnight to 07:00 CET. In the picture im together with Eurus, the kewtest and sweetest guy ever! /hugs /kisses"

LOG 23

"I've been coming to Baboons since I first arrived on Rubi-Ka.  After a long day of blasting Clanners with nanobots a NanoTech/Songtress needs a place like this to unwind and be amongst friends. The party is at Baboons and it never stops!  See ya offstage."

LOG 22

"I stopped by one night. I'll be back!"

LOG 21

"After a long day out cleansing clanners, a guildmate and I decided to drop in on what was rumoured to be a den of heathens, heretics, and clan sympathizers. 8 hours later I stumbled out with a hangover and my partner was still going strong on the stims! Now I can't stop going back!"
-Fistofpaper, deputy Inquisitor - Omni Inquisition

LOG 20

"Baboons is the best place to hang and meet new people. I have been a regular since I've been coming here last Friday or Saturday I believe, and have been coming 2 times a day mostly. I'm really not Solarflares clone! Or am I? I just know i dress better then him"
- Xxtas

LOG 19

"I enjoy visiting the club almost every night because the people here are great.  People are very nice and generally welcome everyone with open arms. Even though I have been trapped in the bathroom and held for ransom twice, I still enjoy this place.  I enjoy doing a little dancing, and I have been told by lev I have a hypnotizing move (shrugs).  I will come in everynight for as long as I play because Baboons is THE place to be on AO."

LOG 18

"Hey Everybody, I just want to say that Baboons is the BEST, everyone is really nice and its the perfect place to just relaxa lot enjoy yourself after a mission or a bit of work. I've been at Baboons a bit lately and hope to be in there alot more in the future."
- Dezist

LOG 17

 I would like to thank you for providing a relaxing and enjoyable environment for my staff. We often need a break after a tough day at the office. Your establishment provides a great service to the employees of Omni-Tek and citizens of Rubi-Ka.
Thank You
-Badmortagin - Director - Arise from Betrayal

LOG 16

Hey Baboons! What can I say? The place is great, the
people are great, and the music is great too! (Well,
when DJs are streamin') Keep on rollin'! *throws pie
at everyone*

LOG 15

"It's better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for who you are not. Power to the pink ;)"
-Aleksy and Leafhunter

LOG 14

"Hello everyone, I love this place and spend once or twice a week some time there, chatting with friends, or just relaxing after some mission work"
- Tashary

LOG 13

"Baboons is by far the best place on Rubi-Ka to unwind, even beating the wild nightlife in lawless Tir.  I haven't had this much fun clubbing since leaving my home back on old Earth, and there were some fantastic clubs in the Vancouver-Seattle megaplex.  If I didn't have to take on missions once in a while to afford new clothes, I'd stay at Baboons 27 hours a day, drinking and dancing the
night away.  Thanks for a fab time!"

LOG 12

"Hey Baboonie woonies.
Great place awsome people.Regulars are good people and eventually i am gonna be one
so about 3-5 hours a night every day i can.Hope i can see you all there!"

LOG 11

"Hi Everyone,
I just thought I'd send in a quick guestbook entry since I've been having so much fun at Baboons lately.  Not only is it easy to enjoy the atmosphere and the company, but my stims business is making more money than ever now!  I'm thinking of putting together a fund to sandblast the ladies room, too (note that in Newland, we just open the restrooms during a sandstorm and before long things are as good as new).  Let me know if you're interested in contributing.

LOG 10

"Rising Sun Sake, It's just that good!"


"I have only come to this club for about 1 week now, but it has been the MOST fun I've ever had in this game, so keep the music going and the DJ's DJing =)!!!"


"All Hail Baboons!!
My name is Francie Scola, but everyone calls me Jenavia (or Jen for short).
I'm including two pictures - neither is a solo of me, but I'm the tall white-haired Amazon to the far right (in yellow and gold)  the other two mischief makers are Laseen and Kitiera, and one pic has Miss Baroness in it I believe :-).  Las, Kit and I are all members of The Honored Maidens.  Woot!
We came for the Fashion Show.  Cheered on the ladies, yelled for the men to take it off ;-).  Interesting things that happened....well, I blacked out and when I came to my black leather mini with slits were gone...My legs couldn't stop moving and I danced right into the wall and right out of the club...I jumped off the 2nd floor and landed in the bushes for double the damage.  And Solarflare was an awesome, kick arse DJ that night!!
And a quick question:  What are the bartender's names?  I've asked around and no one seemed to know.  I like to be on a first name basis with the men who pour my drinks!
Dance On!!"
- Jenavia
The answer to the Bartenders names' is in the Tour..... :-)

LOG 07

"Baboon's rocks!  It's nice to get away from the "level up, rearm, rinse, repeat" stuff that happens all the time.  It's a great place to hang out after missions.  I just wish there'd be some different tunes!  = )"

LOG 06

"Only wanted to say that its a mighty fine establishment you got here, and I WILL be back to spread the words...Seems to me like there are but a few of the customers that needs reminders about their caretaker, Omni-Tek, and Ill be your reminder, belive you me!
Besides, the wine was good, and I certainly need some more of that as well.
My compliments to the nice omni loyal people at Baboons!"
-Father Chagidiel

LOG 05
"I just wanted to drop you a line and say what a GREAT time I had! It was a real blast. Spent my last credits on getting a blue outfit. Only had 25 credits on me, LOL. Then I win the dance contest! 30,000 credits. It couldn't have come at a better time.
You see, I came to Rubi-Ka looking for my missing brother and I was down and out, running out of leads and credits. I read about Baboons and just needed to get away for just a little while. You really cheered me up!
I'll be back!"
- Catastray

LOG 05

"I'd like to thank Baroness for the invite to blue night, D.E.M. members had a great time. Myself, (Gomorrah) Cymon and Nixs all enjoyed the party immensely. Baroness, you and Lev owe me a dance. :) I'll be sure to bring along a lot more of D.E.M.'s 80+ members next party.
"Go ape or go home!!!"
-Gomorrah, Leader of {DEM} Deus Ex Machina

LOG 04

"I would love to someday be considered a regular. I love all the people that come to baboons. Mostly everyone is as nice as can be, and always gets your mind off of the war going on outside of Baboons. See you all soon I hope *winks*"

LOG 03

"I like to spend an hour or so in the club most evenings after missions to wind down. It's nice to meet friendly people and chat about anything and
everything.. rather than just Freedom Arms', Buffs and Armour Classes. I hope to see you all there.

LOG 02

"So far, the funniest experience I've had was walking into the men's restroom and asking how Atrox pee.. I got a funny response.. also, I was involved in the "Omni-Pol"  "Incident."  I go in about everynight when I'm in the Entertainment District, and if I'm else where, after a long day, I make an attemp at visiting the wonderful world that is Baboons Nightclub.
I love to party at Baboons!  The place is rockin' every night, and is the most fun that I've ever had on any Internet chat program or game or anything else.  I love Anarchy Online and I love Baboons!"
-"Gunship" Thompon

LOG 01

"Wooo, last night was my first night at Baboons and it was a blast!  I'll have to come by more often!"
- Manon

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