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Welcome to Baboons' Nightclub. The best place to relax, enjoy yourself, and roleplay on Rubi-Ka. Situated in Omni-1's stunning Entertainment District, Baboons is up along with the Arena as Rubi-Ka's biggest tourist attraction.
    Enjoyed by the rich and the famous, Baboons attracts only the biggest and best customers from all around the globe. Anyone whoose anyone comes here, and we hope you will too.

LATEST NEWS : 16th October
OK! I am getting settled and will start the updating of this site during the next few days. So please excuse me if I mess up. But the Weekends events have been decided. And remember if you wanna thow a party go to the Boards and suggest it. How else are we to know what happens?

LATEST NEWS : 14th October

Hi my name is Baxie. I have volunteered to keep the Baboons page going while Lev is away. I will not take over. Merely Keep it warm for him till he returns. (Which we all hope he does) So I hope you will endure these next few days as I try to adjust to the environment.

LATEST NEWS: 9th October
With my old ftp program consigned to the recycle bin, i can now update freely once more. 
UP has gone the WEDDING page
UP has gone the BACHELORETTE party page
UP has gone the RUBIKA ENTERTAINERS page
UP has gone VAIK MEETS.... first interview
DOWN has gone the REGULARS page
UP has gone more promotion to Kirrana's excellent and ever growing "Baboons People" site.
Note, i couldnt attend the Vicars and Tarts party. if someone has pictures or a report on it, PLEASE email it to me so i can include it at the site.



This Weekend:


October 20th at 20:30 GMT

Get down and jiggy at Baboons in the stylings of the 20th Century movie. The only demands for this night is that you dress all in black.

October 21th Time TBA

Baroness's Dinner Party.
Topside baboons will be used as a Restaurant this coming sunday as Baroness hosts a dinner party.
Food is on Baroness, and the Dress code is White.

Ever wanted to try your hand at beign a stand up comedien? now have the chance... 
Baboons will witihn the next month be hosting a comedy night for Rubi-kan stand-up comediens to show their worth in front of an audience. APPLY NOW (see contact page)
A 200k prize by Seiffer is being offered to the winner



And then we said by to Lev!
What do you say? How sould we treat this matter?
Let me know by posting under the boards section: News!

Kirrana's Pool Party

The Pool in argentum was finally put to good use as Kirrana hosted what most hope will be a recurring event. But I will let her tell you all about it here.

Khamuk's Rave
Khamuk went completely insane this weekend and gave away close to a million in prizes at the Rave. I will need to find him too to get the Review.

Sekhetmes's Leet Parade

Baboons were the target of the Leets this weekend as Sekhetmes had all his fuzzy little friends over. As soon as I catch him I will get him to review his party!

The Wedding

The weekend saw the huge wedding of DJ SolarFlare Craddock and the new Ravena Craddock.
The turnout was stunning and you can read the whole day in the MEMORABLE NIGHTS section.

29th September
Bachelorette Party Antics
Held in the club, Rederon tells of Ravena's hen night...




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