Pre-Xmas Party
Sat, 15 Dec 2001 18:00:00 GMT

This was the first big party hosted for some time. I did the normal running around Rubi-Ka telling people about the party. By the time I was back at still a full hour before the start of the party there was already gathering a sizeable crowd. I could tell it was going to be one of the them special baboon party nights.

As the hour to party time approached more and more people flocked in, it was good to see the normal party people coming back, their numbers where swelled by many new people coming to baboons for the very first time. We also have a number of special guests turn up, the boys from AO Basher where there to get down. A number of Arks who were just off duty came down to join in the fun still dressed in white Ark uniform. Of course cosmik was there but is there any party that the party animal will not turn up to ?

As the clock ticked around to it was time to start the DJ contest. The DJ's had a good receptive audience and a packed floor of 70 people and upwards. First to kick of the contest was a very nervous Thewanderer. He impressed the crowd by spinning out tunes and worked the crowd into a frenzy getting into the dancing himself. Next up was Poprawk with his own brand of DJing which appeared to be aided by his two pets got the crowd buzzing. Last but by no means least was Cloudeh and his own brand of metal DJing, even Father Changidal not a know dancer by any means was seen head banging along to Cloudeh's tunes. All 3 DJ's worked there socks off, and delighted the large crowd that bopped along to the sounds from the decks.

While cosmik who was acting as judge for the DJ competition tried to work out a winner we got down to the business of the Dance Contest. With 50 plus people dancing away each with there own unique style it was going to be hard to pick a winner. People obliviously put a lot of thought into there dance routines so I will name check a few that came to mind. 

Stokeley with his own brand of dancing which even he would admit made him look the worst for wear. Still it was hard not to notice his drunken steps. It was also hard not to notice Lastamazon who dance with a 6th sword brave girl indeed. Also impressive where Myxin, Phoenixa, TheWanderer, Raizhlyat, Mouse, Wiretrip, Cosmik and Kungfro whos dancing was some what strange as he nearly took out two guests with his dancing right arm chops.

Llike the DJ comp was hard to pick a winner but in the end it was Raizhlyat who's dance steps lit up the floor and done all the while carrying a glass in one hand and a bottle in the other. 

As the party carried on until the early morning Cosmik started to show off his powers turning himself into a number of creatures best of all was the giant leet until it sat on one of the guests. For his next trick while in his normal form he made himself 100ft tall. The only problem is the normal cosmik form wears a thong and a small T-shirt. Presented with a 100 FT cosmik in just a thong was a shock one did not know where to look.

A little the worst for drink cosmik entertained the crowd with his own little song and dance steps. With the backing singers of two large arks it was very impressive. With this over a party was brought to a close by presenting the winners with their prizes. So congratutions to both Raz and Cloudeh. Thanks to all the people that turned up to, I was glad to hear so many of you had a good time.

DJ Contest Winner

Dance Contest Winner

Party starts The crowd builds up Even Father turns up DJ Pop and his pets
Packed floor for the dance contest The arks partying in there all white uniforms Cosmik and THAT thong Cosmiks show