Atalia's Birthday Party & first Guild Night (sota)
12th August
Estimated Total Guests : 40+

UPDATE 14th August
New pictures (taken by Infiltraitor) can be seen here.
I've even left the conversations in them, because some of them are really funny!
Thanks Infiltraitor. Anyone else whos wants me to add their pictures, please send them to the usual address.

The starting group

    The "unoffical" party started pretty early, around 2am GMT. A small group made up of Lev, Ambrosia, Xinre, Infiltraitor, SmellyButt, Star9, and Truet. Things were already swinging as everyone Ambrosia and Lev get down and funkyseemed in the party mood. Everyone was trying to outdo each others dancing moves on the floor, and when Lev and Ambrosia started using their nano programs, it was getting pretty funky. Everyone was also taking turns to DJ, and it was Xinre's first time on the decks. This, of course, was still the pre-party.
Xinre tries his hand at the decks

After watching Xinre's own style of "running around" dance routine, the small crowd was really getting into it, and it was this start that really made sure the party happened.

When it hit around quarter to 3, people *really* started turning up, and from hear on in, it really got exciting!

Truet and Lev look down in horror as Ambrosia shows a distinct i didnt do it lookOne of the most momentous moments of the night was the shock horror at one of our group dropping down dead!.....or passed out. We never did figure it out. We guessed she either used one nano too many or that Ambrosia gave her a duff stim. Either way, it caused a bit of disturbance on the dancefloor and made everyone realize how lucky we were to be blessed with decent health points ;)

We stood and wondered for a good couple of minutes until the body disappeared. What we now realize in hindsight is that no-one had the quick thinking to check if they could've looted the body....Was she rich? Was she loaded with items? We'll never know.....

Viro - He'll be back! :)

This picture just goes to show how good the right pair of shades looks on the right person. Viro walked around and everyone took notice as his shades reflected anything and everything. I dearly want a pair of sunglasses (especially those katana ones) but i didnt have the heart to ask, a) because i knew i didnt have enough money to prise them off him , and b) he really did look SO cool in them.

As you can see, around half an hour later this place was really pumping. Ambrosia was dancing with nearly any girl there was, and everyone shouted when girl of the moment Purity turned up. yet still, this wasnt the busiest period of the night. Tonight had so many people, we had bouncers, who nearly were put into use by talk of a clanner being in the club. Personally I dont mind if clanners come in, I used to be neutral. But it was Atalia's birthday and she wanted an Omni-Party (and boy did she get one!)

Things were now really into the groove, and a new thing that hadnt really been seen before was when people used their new nano-programs to turn into animals. The first was around 3 people who turned into 2-headed dogs....This inevitably led to numerous shouting of "Who let the dogs in? Ooh ooh ooh!" (okay, im guilty as well...but hey!) The scary thing was that Lev was DJ-ing at the time and it seemed the dog also thought that a good idea. In the picture to the left you see the dog getting ready to chuck Ambrosia off the top of the decks....
Dogs were now running all around the place, and Devs made a change by turning into a leet, but more on that in a moment.
The dogs were jumping off the upper level, running around the toilets. It literally was a zoo. No guy certainly stood a chance on the dancefloor with any girl while a 2-headed beast strutted his stuff....

Owen, Lev and Viro at the decks. Note Lev poiting to the dog hurtling towards them...

The next moment, all 3 guys thought it best to leave the dj-ing to the dog.

The famous leet

Devs on the Dancefloor! As a pre-historic signer once rapped "It's Hammer Time!", but no. Tonight it was Leet Time! And man did that leet move! Devs showed his funky stuff as this lil Leet shook his ass all over the dance floor. Rolling around and jumping side to side, you never knew these little things could move so well!
There was only one dancefloor winner tonight, and that was Devs' Leet. Anyone else wanting to beat this performance would really have to go some to match the moves and pace of this guy. People with lag could bearly see how fast he was going.

It was a shame that Devs left, because some of us really wanted to see the girls reaction of them table dancing with a leet... :)

  Now, here at Baboons, we dont encourage violence. Infact, we pride ourselves on a friendly, warm atmosphere where everyone is friends. But when someone left their pet at the turntable, everyone had to give up DJ-ing to let this little dude on. "DJ Roboto" was his pet name, and he contiued to give out hilarious get ups like "Put yer hands in the air....shake em round like you just dont care!" and "get em off... get em off!".  Ambrosia, more the worse for wear from drink, tried to see how far the Droid would go. Asking the droid to step outside, all Ambros got back was an attack command off the robot. Several minutes of light-hearted insults ensued, and all was forgotten (despite the droid was geared up to kick anyone's ass who wouldnt have a good time) but all was forgotten when I asked them to both pose for this picture. Even the bot said "Cheese" along with Ambrosia, and if there was someone that stood out over the course of the night, it was DJ Roboto.


DJ Roboto, we salute you!

Word of the famous bot had spread throughout Omni-Entertainment District, and it wasnt long before the club was looking more packed than it ever had before.

And this was excentuated when you went around the back into the chill-out lounge to see the party was just as busy here as it was out front. Thaol was once again trying to prove a point for Atrox's lib as he was on the table dancing in his bikini. Frankly, we are amazed how he fits into it, yet its my fault for showing him where the Miir store in Omni-Entertainment was.

  Anabeth was out front DJ-ing as Birthday girl Atalia recieved her two cakes, and straight away danced with them on the dance floor making everyone laugh. She looked like a cross between a cheerleader and a baker.


    For half an hour, Bunnii, self-proclaimed to be the best dancer, had been struggling to get into the club due to her computers lag. It took her a full 10 minutes to get across the dancefloor because there were so many people. And she, like most regulars, know that lag disappears in the chill-out lounge. So, to help her out, nearly all the party moved to the toilets to reduce lag for her to get to the lounge. Now, When a party moves to the toilets, quite afew things usually happen. And boy did they. First off, the guys all went into the girls toilet, thinking they'd be the only ones to think of it, and the girls went into the boys for the same reason. Anyway, after a few moments, we soon decided on decency and went back to our respective toilets. It was here, that unfortunately, Lev hadnt been told that the actual toilets were around the corner, so thought the only thing to use was the urinals
....oh dear.
Thankyou Drav for putting Lev straight ;) lol

After bunnii made it, things got back to normal (well, as normal as you can get with her screaming at anyone walking through the door letting lag in) ;)lol
Ambrosia, not one to be left out, decided to try and continue impressing the girls by joining them on the table.
After numerous warnings by Triel about his stim selling, this was probably a lot worse (lol)
Purity and Anabeth put in the most dedicated performances on the table and gave the regulars a real treat.
Drav meanwhile had been sitting on the couch trying to turn his pimping business into a profitble little earner. Apparently he got one girl to sign on the dotted line. We'll soon know who :)

The party (for me) was coming to an end in a blaze of glory. Dancing mania out front, and Sota members chilling out around the back. All people in the lounge thought Seiffer and Anabelle made a great couple. MacktheKnife was definitly enjoying himself. And the only let down of the night was that Atalia was buying everyone a drink when it was her birthday. I would've (since i usually buy people drinks) but today was the day i bought my new blade (which got quite a reaction when i swung it around disco dancing!).
It was now 5am GMT, and it was time for me to leave. The party carried on, for how much longer i dont know, if anything amazing did happen after, please get in touch and tell me so everyone else can see it as well :)

Just as i was leaving, i was nearly heartbroken to see Kitie arriving, one of Baboons best dancers. And she looked stunning in her blue robe with cut down the middle.
I nearly changed my mind and went back in with her, but my faltering blue eyes wouldn't of taken anymore. Hope you had a nice night Kitie.
And that goes to everyone else as well. Happy Birthday Atalia, and hope everyone enjoyed themselves!

Here's to the next memorable night! :)

See you soon people!

TOP 10

Best Dressed : Purity (as always) ;)

Most Generous : Atalia

Most Notable Thing : Atalia's Birthday

Most Kudos : Triel & Viro (for their shades, sunglasses)

Funniest Moment : Ambrosia picking a fight with pet droid DJ Roboto

Romance : Seiffer and Anabelle

Top Score Award : Dravidous for signing up a girl to his pimping business

DJ of the Night : DJ Roboto (pet droid)

Best Dancer : Devs (in LEET form!)

Best Table Dancers : Purity and Anabeth

Guest List - (sorry if anyone was missed, it's not intentional)
Purity, Atalia, Devs, Anabeth, Ambrosia, Owen, Truet, Viro, Dravidous, Kirrana, Smelly Butt, Daithecha, Infiltraitor, Xinre, Untidy, Stargate, Medallion, Adapter, Angelveila, Seiffer, Anabelle, Keyath, Bunnii, MacktheKnife, Kaarnifex, Kadd, , Tristessa, Triel, Thaol, Bioneq, Decat, Kitie, and Star9. Oh, ....and DJ Roboto, our special guest.

Other pictures from the night...

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