Baboons' Blue Theme Night
18th August
Estimated Total Guests : 100+

The early beginning The night started like most nights did, with a few early starters lounging around the chill-out lounge. Already it was surprising to see how many were wearing blue. Only a few hadnt got the gear for the night. This picture to the left doesnt show when all the girls came in to show off their blue clothes. We're pretty sure that Omni-Trade reported a massive 600% skyrocket in sales of blue clothing over this last week. People far and wide were buying blue, from our favourite clan girl Matica, to even our bouncerbots blue nano-program, blue was the colour of the day.

   As the time grew closer to 1am GMT, more and more people turned up. At around 1am, everyone started the party proper out front on the dancefloor. Solar Flare, our first announced DJ was still an hour from taking to the stage, and he couldnt of asked for a better warm up as everyone got into the blue groove.
Zirc mixes it with the best of themLots of favourites of the crowd were there, from Zirc, Ambrosia, Kitie and (of course) Baroness. The more people that turned up, the more blue it got.
The dancing was fun, but Solar was still to hit the decks Verd still hadnt found a date for tonight (and hadnt got here yet), SolarFlare's date hadnt turned up, and neither had Lev's. Things were looking down for them, but all were determined to have a good time.
Dancing was getting hectic and it could've been the load of people pouring into Baboons that crashed Omni-Entertainment (stranger things have happened) It cleared the dancefloor, but within minutes, all were back again.

Certain things have been becoming trademarks on the dancefloor recently. At the last big night it was dancing leets and dogs. Today it was Reets. The place turned into a bird house at one point. And as i learnt, once you've been a Reet, the Nano-Program makes you small for a good half hour after. I was the shortest guy in the room, when usually Im one of the tallest! It sucked! Last time I'm EVER going to be a Reet ever again!!!! :)

Baroness and Matica say hiAs seen in a "recent happenings" page, Matica is one of the first (if not THE first) clan girl we've had in the club. Making the long trip from her home town of Tir, she once again graced us with her presence in a figure showing outfit. Lapping up the atmosphere in the back, chill-out room, Ambros seemed to think he had a chance with her, but she soon laughed it off. Matica is a strong willed and feisty fun loving girl, will she ever date an Omni? We'll have to wait n see.

Ambrosia, was unusually quiet tonight, and i later discovered why. One of the club favourites and regulars...Kitie. Keeping close to each other all night, they had indulged in a bit of "Reet Foreplay" the day before. And Im sure this site would've been closed down if i'd posted a picture of what these two showed you could do with two people in Reet form.

Believe me, it IS best left to the imagination....


The party was now getting into full swing as it approached 2am GMT. The party had been properly worked up, and was ready for the main course.
In a shower of light, and a really cool build up announcement from Lev, it was time.

Time, for our first ever "announced" DJ.

He'd practiced for 2 days beforehand, had worked up a good deal of material and ideas, and burst onto the scene like a superstar DJ, like he is surely soon to become.


The explosion that greeted the crowd. Solar had arrived

 Its unbelievable how much Solar lives up to his name, because it LOOKS like a solarflare is errupting on stage when his nano-programs are in full swing. Blasting the crowd with a huge explosion of light, Solar works up the crowd as well as dazzling them with amazing pyrotechnics.
SolarFlare behind the decks, with help from a Leet. Even with Leets, Reets, Drunk people and gorgeous ladies dancing on his decks, the guy managed to pull off a brilliant concert that packed out the dancefloor with over 60 people...maybe more. He got the crowd to do things, and hosted competitons with class and skill. We couldnt of booked a better DJ to kick off our residency.
He even managed to get Lev to jump off the 2nd floor twice in one night, something that Lev doesnt like to do more than once.

With Champagne also being placed all around the dancefloor by the rich and beautiful Baroness, you could tell tonight was gonna be a night to remember.

Tappert was most notably the guy putting out his dance moves the most, the guy was rocking all night long in his blue shirt and his distinctive moustache and eyebrows.

Thanks to Kaarnifex, we also had a bouncerbot. The first of its kind and looked like it could do the business.
Even bouncerbot joined in the Blue fun by getting a nano program on him.  In the picture to the right you can see Schara (top right hand corner). Lev and Kitsumi (i think) had kindly donated him some blue clothes and he'd been fun throughout the night, but when he started getting playful with Baroness and tried to get tips off people, he pushed the final straw (lol j/k) He tried to attack Bouncerbot!!!!
Funnily enough, we didnt see much of Schara after that, we'd love to know what happened to him and if he had a good time. But we fear Bouncerbot may still be "dealing" with him right now ;)

Bouncerbot was not the only droid here tonight, as another famous lil bot also came along. But more on that in a minute.

The party out front was now really kicking in. Solar was encouraging the crowd more and more, and when Taekwondo said he'd supply 30k credits to the best female dancer, a competition was born! The girls raced out to strut their stuff and danced their hearts out. In the end, it was young and beautiful Catastray that one. It was all the more heart warming when you hear her story. She sent this to the site this morning.....

"I just wanted to drop you a line and say what a GREAT time I had! It was a real blast. Spent my last credits on getting a blue outfit. Only had 25 credits on me, LOL. Then I win the dance contest! 30,000 credits. It couldn't have come at a better time.
You see, I came to Rubi-Ka looking for my missing brother and I was down and out, running out of leads and credits. I read about Baboons and just needed to get away for just a little while. You really cheered me up!
I'll be back!"
- Catastray

We're glad it made Catastrays' night, and goes to show what a fun atmosphere and great community Baboons is starting to build.
Thankyou again Taekwondo, for putting up money for this competition, you gave a lot of people a fun time and made one girl in particular very happy :)

One thing that a few people noticed, was that as the night went on, Baroness seemed ever more tipsy. She even admitted to it herself and really let her hair down.  We really think the champagne got to her in the end, she generously supplied nearly everyone with champagne, her fave drink and danced along with the girls on the decks!!!!
Dressed all in a blue version of her favourite outfit, she looked as stunning as always and turned quite a few heads in the process, along with Smashu's i believe, from what i heard of their conversation. Getting someone into your guild is the oldest chat-up line in the book!!!! ;)


 With people inspired, another competition was held, this time by Arkhem, who put up 30k in creds for the best dressed girl, 10k in creds for 2nd and 5k for 3rd. He also asked that him, Solar and Lev be the judges. After all the girls made themselves as gorgeous as possible, it was time to show themselves off on the floor (and on the decks).
After a good 20 lag filled minutes of discussion and judging, Arkhem, Solar and Lev had made their decisions. ...
The winners MUST be wearing blue, since it was Blue Night after all.

It was a close contest, because all 3 judges contested the differences of each girls dresses ;)

In 3rd place was Roewan (sp?)

In 2nd place was Shizura

and, 1st, winning 30k in credits, was the beautiful Medi.

Medi, the contest winner.
With her blue to purple to Green outfit, complementing her hair and looks, we all agreed that she dressed to perfection that night. Well Done and hope you enjoy the 30,000 credits.

  As the party raged on, we noticed a familiar face appear out of the chill-out room. Not trying to overshadow Solar, it was DJ Roboto! With a short guest apperance. He was just as popular as before, and rocked the decks alongside SolarFlare in stunning fashion.
Since his last apperance, he also seems to have acquired some fans. Girls hung around this stud-bot and rubbed up close to him, but he remained on mission and helped Solar out with his usual repatoir of "party on!" and "shake yer hands!" and "get em off!". ...someone swears he also said "Biddy Biddy Biddy". But these are unconfirmed reports.....
Dj Roboto was a smash, but not even he (with his female admirers, seen right) could overshadow a SolarFlare, especially one on fire.

Flares roared and the crowd wanted more, Solar chanted, and the crowd wanted more.

As the night was coming to an end, everyone knew that Solar would be back, and he was definitly established as a future resident.

Lev and Antari watch on as Owen clogs up Omni-E's sewers with chunks of Monol MeatNow, at parties like this, people indulge in excess, and no-one likes their booze more than Owen. Once Lev had gone back into the Chill-Out room, Owen was rather the worse for wear. Lev and Antari noticed the hiccups and misspellings getting worse. And when Owen decided to give Lev a nickname like he had done Ambrosia a few nights before, it was time for action. Ambrosias' nickname came from Owen having a pet dog that apparently had hair like Ambros' a "singing" dog, (such was how drunk he was). And for no real reason, he decided to nickname Lev, Cuss. because he used to have a dog that cussed a lot, despite Lev doesnt cuss. The time was now as Antari and Lev pulled Owen to the sink in the mens' toilets. And after a bit of gentle persuasion from Antari's huge mallet, Owen gave his guts to the sink.
Unfortunately, we'd thought he'd finished. But he hadnt. Antari found out the hard way as his nice new boots were ruined by the splash of colour Owen handed out from his mouth.

Staggering Outside, Owen felt a lot better after a breath of fresh air, and looked a lot better too. Antari had meanwhile run off to Omni-E's express cleaning services after owen had divulged that he'd drunk industrial strength removal acid, which would peel off any material off ANY surface. We're afraid the news was bad. Antari's boots didnt make it thru the night.....;)

The night was truely eventful

Lev and his date for the night, Aula And even more so when Aula, Lev's date turned up. The two danced for ages, and would've spent more time together if the lag hadnt been so bad and the crowd so big.  Blue Night was a success, and there were so many people telling me they had enjoyed themselves it really made the whole night worthwhile for those comments alone.

People continued to dance, even when most had tired themselves into the ground and had to retire to the chill-out room or the party mix bar (which wasnt SELLING party mix that night, stupidly...)

Most people's nano-programs made the night very memorable, but Demono's impression of the Invisible man was easily one of the best. With only his shades to be seen. Demono walked around in full confidence that less was definitly MORE. He got looks off everyone and people couldnt believe how invisible he actually was.

The night, for me at least, was coming to an end. Blue had been the order of the day and nearly everyone had. One thing had been missing from the night, and that was Purity. When she turned up (as she said to me "fashionably late) Lev had a good long talk with her and she also did a bit of dancing on the decks.

Purity was really the only thing missing from the night, and it was a real shame she couldnt of been here for the most of it. We hope she'll be able to get to the next big event and we all look forward to seeing her (as always).

With most now moved into the chill-out room, the party carried on in a much quieter form. It had been over 3 hours since the party had started, Solar had finished his set and was looking done in, as was most. Verd was entertaining on the table, along with Neyko's singing still echoing around the rooms.

This was by far the most successful event held yet, and we hope everyone had a great time. We know a few had trouble getting into the club, and we can only apologize and hope they dont have such a rough time next time. Our thoughts were with you, and we intend to make sure everyone eventually gets to party along with  the majority.

I left and asked Verd to tell me if anything else happens, and if so, to tell me and send pics. So there may be an update to this page soon, if not, it's still one of the most successful events to have taken place in Rubi-Ka, even above one or two of the gm organized events. Player power won out, and tonight showed what people who wanted to enjoy themselves and role-play could really do when they pull together.

Thanks for coming, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

TOP 10

Best Dressed : Medi, best blue dressed person competition winner (voted by Arkham, Lev and SolarFlare) won 30k in creds

Most Generous : Baroness (for all her champagne) (special mention to competition sponsors Taekwondo and Arkham)

Most Notable Thing : The mass of people in BLUE

Most Kudos : Matica, everybody's favourite clan girl for coming down again

Funniest Moment : Owen's drunk antics

Romance : Ambrosia and Kitie??

Top Score Award : Everyone who turned up in BLUE

DJ of the Night : SolarFlare, our first announced DJ was just amazing.

Best Dancer : Castastray won 30k in creds, rags to richs story as she only had 25 creds on her. Well done Castastray!

Best Table Dancers : Lev Rivers, fighting for male lib on tables ;)

Guest List - (sorry if anyone was missed, it's not intentional, and there WERE a lot)
Neyko, Ambrosia, Baroness, Lev Rivers, Kitie, Kaarnifex, Velantha, Arkham, Bravain, Elxis, Catastray, Taekwondo,  Ayela, Zirc, Nauty, Tappert, Shizura, Maive, Demono, Monoman, Kitsumi, Schara, Doomx, Kirrana, SolarFlare, Anabelle, Chaotik, Imar, Macktheknife, Gharritt, Medi, Brokin, Neumauen, Manon, Dyomid, Rattlehead, Shaggydog, Defender, Altorus, Matica, Farokh, Andraia, FuzzyBunny, Decat, Smashu, Riis, Groggok, Xortaan, Chiquita, Mazement, Mekasume, Sukkmel, LoveBlood, Lordjonray, Bladelady, Tana, Saneer, Bloodshed, Dodeshaden, Tapari, Phoebe, Szyran, Gunship, Minn, Xiphias, Ravena, Verdeloth, Dominata, Missakookoo, Roewana, Ykes, Doyle, Senshie, Euri, Drezzden, Owen, Aula, Unuarals, Azmerilla, Kryten, Greidius, Sybil, Katarin, Yomato, Antari, Xinyz, Zuron, Cymon, Coolaid, Zanya, Nicknambert, kuuen, Purity, Xtech, Xyberviri, Raelia, Skelebot, Jealousy, Alberio, Lapidus, Xalara, Seiffer, Nixs, Ariana, Gomorrah, Jonshadow, Keyath, Gharritt

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