BATTLE of the DJ'S
25th August
Estimated Total Guests : 50+

Lev introducing DJ Maive "Battle" - struggle, combat of two or more opposing forces, contested fight
The dictionary doesnt even BEGIN to describe the word in the real sense...and that sense was last night...
In an attempt to discover and encourage new DJ talent, Lev Rivers hosted the first ever "Battle of the DJ's", a showcase for 4 new, unseen DJ's to present their talent to the masses.
Resident DJ SolarFlare was Judge...and also warmed up the crowd for the contestants as the crowd got into the swing. Keelar shades, now made freely available, were the most notable thing about the crowd...everyone had them on. And the crowd grew as the night went on.

   (Saeden) DJ Bish was fashionably (but nearly UNfashionably had he missed his spot) ;) late, and Lev took the contestants into the back, chillout room, while the crowd and party continued to gather pace.

Lev, wearing a new party outfit (as opposed to his normal all black clothes) had many kind compliments about his organizing and hosting thru the night and would like to thank everyone for making tonight such a great and friendly night.

All 4, DJ's Maive, Gunloki, Ronaldon and Saeden, put on blistering performances and the crowd all had a great night.

Afterwards, Solar went off to judge and after making his decision, Lev asked everyone into the back room where the winners were announced.

Gunloki and Ronaldon came in joint 3rd and shared 14k each and a pair of shades each

Saeden got 2nd place and 20k (that he donated to the joint 3rd place winners)

And Maive won her instant residency and 100k in credits for coming 1st.

A winner had been proclaimed.

The party carried on for a good hour or so after.

TOP 10

Best Dressed : Lev his date clothes for Purity (who he hopes will get to see them when they DO have their date) :)

Most Generous : Easily Seiffer....who could top giving 100k as prize money?

Most Notable Thing : DJ Roboto actually saying "Biddy Biddy Biddy"

Most Kudos : Necro ...proving that the Matrix DOES exist!

Funniest Moment : Necro doing his Keanu Reeves impression of the Matrix (flying around the room)

Romance : Hotgirl69 and dagner (>?)

Top Score Award : Ronaldon for picking up brilliantly when he got disconnected

DJ of the Night : Maive, and 100k is her prize because of it

Best Dancer : Ambrosia ....the all in white dancer mucking about as hard as possible.

Best Table Dancers : Atalia and Beckie

No guest list i forgot.... :)

Other images from the night

Lev goes over things with the contestants (from left to right) Ronaldon, Maive and Gunloki

Lev with his loaned Katara shades and Decat....Resovoir Dogs

Decat shakes his booty, much to some peoples shock...

Bish (Saeden)


Battle of the DJ's winner Maive


Resident DJ and Judge for the night, SolarFlare

Maive encouraging everyone onto the stage, a winning performance

Necro goes Keanu.  Matrix stylee shenanagins

The Dance floor early on

The chillout room at beginning of night

The contest gets  underway

Full steam ahead for Ronaldon

Solar warming up the crowd

Lev announces the winners, Ambrosia pictures have been lacking so he sneaks in shot on table ;)

The winners are announced

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