Beckie's Dance Contest
29th August
Estimated Total Guests : 40+

It was a bit quiet to begin with, but once word spread, we had lots of people join in this contest. With the winner recieving 30k in prize money, 10 for 2nd and 5 for 3rd, it was guaranteed to be hotly contested.

Anabelle and Lev Rivers were 2nd and 3rd in performing respectivly and it was these two that won, coming joint first. Anabelle's mesmerizing performance with her legs swinging around and her arms following got the whole crowd wooting big stylee. and she recieved huge applause at the end. Lev began his performance by jumping from the upstairs balcony and then bursting into his 3 main dance routines, giving out shouts of "yeah baby yeah baby YEAH!" and "i see you baby, shaking that ass!"

At one point, one of the many leets had a size buff put on him and ended up being twice the size of a dancing monochrome.
At one point, we also had a wise old level 300 clanner turn up called Kegern. He enjoyed himself for his brief stay.
Scourn, the dancing nekkid Atrox, came 2nd with his pants and Most of the money was donated by Father Chagidiel's Omni-Tek Church.

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Pictures from the night...

TOP 10

Best Dressed : Scorn  ...the Atrox in nothing but *those* pants

Most Generous : Father Chagidiel's Church of Omni-Tek

Most Notable Thing : Uber Leet, amazing everyone by being twice the size of Mono

Most Kudos : Kegern, the level 300 clanner GM than popped in to say hi in his Yutto costume

Funniest Moment : Lev, on the leet dancing troope while doing their routine "Are they having an orgy?..........would we know the difference?"

Romance : None (to my knowledge)

Top Score Award : The Leetus Dancing Troope. A group of leets taking to the dancefloor for the contest.

DJ of the Night : Saeden

Best Dancer : Anabelle and Lev (joint winners)

Best Table Dancers : Sariana for giving free lap dances as well :)

No guest list it's hard to do (might do it this weekend)

Other images from the night

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