Sunday 2nd September

This Night is now remembered as "5 GM's, 3 ARK's, 2 Arrests, 1 murder and a BOMB!", because *that*  just says so much about tonight. Everything happened.

And here's the story....

The day had started off in a much more different way than usual, mainly because of the mass weddings at Newland. A good 50 or so couples made their way there to get married by ARK's. Newland was packed more than its ever been before and all the soon-to-be weds moved to the small hill to the north of the lake and taken away in individual groups to be wed.

Verdeloth and Lev attended and spoke to some RNN reporters while also being there for a reason. The night before at the club was SpiritWolf and IrishMyst's bachelor/hen parties. Lev and Verd were not only attending this wedding, but that of Baboons most famous couple (for which they won an award later on). Anabelle and Seiffer.

People cried, a leet sobbed, and Lev ask the hot ARK female, Contarn out...but got no reply. And in the sun of Newland across its lake view, our very own couple was wed by a huge Atrox.

The ceremony lasted for 5-10 minutes and was really well recieved.
 Both said their "i do's" and it was a fun experience to see.
After most of the ceremonies had finished, it was time for the Baboons crew to leave to prepare for a BIG night to come.

Tonight was a special night, the month anniversary organized by Purity to celebrate everything that has been achieved since the club opened.

This was helped when DJ Kegern hacked the Omni-Tek citywide security system and announced the party over all speakers throughout Omni-1. It was from here that tonight was beginning to take a turn like no other.


Everywhere in the club was occupied by people. The dancefloor, the chillout room, the party bar, the 2nd floor.....everywhere. Our bartenders for the night, Yorp and Tsubo prepared well, filling the bar with drinks for all to have and Purity and Baroness were giving away free drink to anyone that wanted it.
   The dancefloor was buzzing and SolarFlare was still backstage preparing for another energy filled performance with new coloured flares...just waiting to be shown off.

Before the party really began, we saw 2 familiar faces, Forica, Enotsgarc, the Omni-Policemen that raided the club the other night (see recent happenings) with their new officer Lenord with them they asked how they could help out. And Omni-Pol bouncers they became. They guarded the door searching people for stims and guns as they came in and did a brilliant job of it as well. 2 arrests were made over the course of the night, Beckie was the most notable for stim selling and got transported to a prision cell for a few hours before being released with a caution.

The guards also joined in dancing periodically throughout the night and had a really great time, this time having a very good relationship with club goers.

Jethos, another high ranking Omni-Employee came in and from what i heard also enjoyed himself. It was really great to see the establishment really getting to party and join in with the people.

But, once was time to get hot, time to get jiggy with it, and time to wear the dancefloor down as far as it could go.....the DJ was here. And entering on stage with his was no surprise to hear the crowd go wild for SOLARFLARE!!!

It was only apt to have Baboons' 1st announced DJ here to take the decks tonight on its anniversary and he put in yet another blistering performance.
Does this guy ever have an off day? *that's* why he's so popular.



After a good hour of dancing on the floor and people socializing in other area's, it was time for the event of the night. The awards.
The Top 10, that is usually done for a memorable night, is today reserved for the top 10 of the month. Something that wont be repeated for a long long time.

  Everyone in the club gathered to the bar area and it soon became very crowded. If someone walking into Baboons at that moment looked around, they'd of thought the place deserted (unless they came here).
The actual award was a flower of recognition for each person who has contributed something special to the club over this time. The whole crowd was very good natured and very well mannered as they all hushed as the awards were announced and given out. And at the right moments, they cheered their hearts out for the winners. They really made it a special night.

The first award was given to Rattlehead, the "Contribution to Music" award given to him because he supplied the 365live stream for all clubbers to listen to and enjoy.
DJ SolarFlare was unbelievably cheered on for his award to recognize him as 1st announced DJ at Baboons. An award that fitted the bill for the winner was Ambrosia when he won his award for "Flare & Uniqueness"
 since it fitted his ego perfectly ;) lol (j/k)
Seiffer couldnt make it, but Anabelle was on hand to pick up his two awards, one of which was a joint award to both of them as "Most Famous Couple" of Baboons, a real perfect ending to their wedding day. Seiffer also got the award for biggest contribution award for his 100k prize to Maive in the "Battle of the DJ's".
Throughout the award ceremony, quips came fast n furious from Tappert, who thanked his scarecrow in his speech to accept "Most Consistent Humour" award.
One that got the crowd going was the beautiful Purity, picking up her award for being the first person to dance on the tables, starting a craze.
Father Chagidiel winningAs every respectable award ceremony must have, we had to have one person who couldnt be there on the night. No live satellite link up was available from Tir, but HoneyFlash was honoured and cheered for her being most prominent clanner.
The penultimate award went to the lovely Baroness for being such a supportive person towards Baboons. She'd given lots to the club over the month and totally deserved this award.

But, the most prestigious award of the night was the last, and was given to someone who had earned everyone's respect. The "Most Original Roleplayer" award only goes to someone who has brought something new, something different. This, went to the gracious and well-liked by all Father Chagidiel. The roar went on for a good 2 minutes and applauses carried on into his speech because of his popularity.

Ambrosia shows the people how to dance....

The awards had really got everyone going, and so it was no surprise that once the ceremony had finished...the dancefloor was packed.
The award to Solar was the beginning of the night for him... People were going mad for him. Fans flocked to see him and get a glimpse of their idol. Several people came away happy. Enotsgarc got his Armour signed by the man himself, Enchantress was besotted, Beckie got back in time and everyone wanted their picture taken with him. And *here* are just a few of them....

from left to right, Solar with : Enchantress, Enot,  Enot n Shiz, and Beckie
Signed Photo's of SolarFlare can be purchased for 1k in creds at his official FanClub Store in Omni-Trade

Solar even signed some, like this one for Enotsgarc (to go along with his signed armour) :)

The night was still kicking as well. Dancing carried on well into the night, and it was when a murder occured that Omni-Pol took over. Remember "Death Isnt Fatal", but as one of my hunting group says "...but it sure sux big time!"
A search into the matter was conducted and no-one was allowed to leave the club, not even Lev who had just announced he was about to leave for the night. The cause of death was in the end only resulted in a "suspicious unsolved crime", but it was this investigation which uncovered a bomber within the building. Or at least it seemed that way at the time, as the hoaxer explains in a letter he sent to the site......

"It all started during the Awards Party at baboons, I was drinking a beer or two, or three... well anyway somehow I got drunk.  I noticed the Omni-Pol where there, so I figured I would do a Bomb Scare.  It was funny at first.... Until they Detained me and took me to some volcano WAY north!  I explored a lot and then I came to a bridge with a HUGE river bellow.  I crossed it and I noticed MANY MANY Clans.  They were all nice to me... at least until I passed over the bridge enough so that they could attack me.  I ran to a lvl 167 omni who took 2 out but it wasn't enough!  I was caught in the Cross fire!  I was being hit for 200 and before I knew it, I laid dead in the center of a HUGE battlefield.  Unfortunately I got no pictures of this battle I got stuck it, but boy was it an Adventure!!!"



As Omni-Pol still bouncered the club from inside and out, i had to leave. The party carried on till morning and lots of people have said its the most enjoable night they've had at the club yet. And *that's* saying something considering the nights we've had in the past.

I'd like to thank everyone who turned up, the ARK's, the GM's Kegern, Forica, Enotsgarc, Jethos and Lenord (especially for announcing it and roleplaying so well with people, it meant a lot to them), all the regulars, and most importantly....the majority. You all added something unique and it really gave the club an anniversary to remember.
Everyone who comes deserves the accolade for making this club so popular.

The TOP 10 Awards
For Outstaning Contributions

The Contribution to Music Award
-  RattleHead

Award for 1st Announced DJ
-  SolarFlare

Award for Flare & Uniqueness
-  Ambrosia

Most Famous Couple Award
-  Anabelle and Seiffer

Most Consistent Humor Award
-   Tappert

Award for first recognized Table Dancer
-   Purity

Most prominent Club Clanner
-   HoneyFlash

The Biggest Contribution Award
-   Seiffer (for 100k award to "Battle of the DJ's" winner)

Most Supportive Person Award
-   Baroness

The Prestigious Most Original Roleplayer Award
-   Father Chagidiel

Other Pictures from the Night....

Owen, Baroness and Purity in the chillout lounge

Ambrosia doin his thang

The awards ceremony, Ambrosia wins his award

Baroness picks up her award while the bar is filled up with drinks

The cat made a big impression on the animal loving girls....

The Party begins

Purity shows how a goddess dances

Ambros gets down n dirty

Omni-Pol join in dancing the night away

"DJ 'SolarFlare' Craddock" on the decks

Enchantress, one of Solar's biggest fans

New action figure was a big hit at the bar. I think someone bought it for their kid... ;0)

Saeber puts in a 'wooden' performance as he dances with his chair ;) lol (/jk)

Seiffer and Anabelle at their wedding

SpiritWolf and IrishMyst, on the wedding day. The night before they held their bachelor/hen party at Baboons