Purity's Promotion Party

Everyone had a nice relaxed evening to celebrate Purity's rise to General in the ranks of her SOTA Guild

Here's a small thankyou note Purity herself wrote for the site.

I would like to thank everyone that showed up for my
promotion party. It felt really great to celebrate
this occasion with my friends. I also want to thank
all those who gave me presents, you know who you are
but I am afraid I didn't write everyone's name down
because I didn't expect any gifts at all. Thanks again everyone.

And here's the story....

 This was a very relaxed affair, some danced, some sat in the back room, some in the bar, some upstairs. It was all very mixed but a very friendly crowd.
Thomaas, Sota's leader was there and many others from the Sota Guild. The thing that surprised Purity the most was when she started getting presents off people, she thought it was her birthday.
Yaki had a fight with someone twice his size (okay, so EVERYONE is twice his size, but still) ;) which last for ages since everyone kept rebuffing them every other second. It was funny to watch two bearaucrats slug it out on the table and even funnier when the other turned himself into a Leet.
   Battle of the DJ's runner up Gunloki DJ-ed the event, and was more apt as he too is part of Sota. He did an excellent job and fitted in perfectly with the mood of the night.
Im sure he'll be asked back again and again and will be now place onto the "Resident DJ's" list, which already boasts Maive and the superstar Solar.

The night was cheerful and joyous, all of Sota members mixed with all other members of Baboons and the most notable thing were the two Goliath type Atrox's in the same clothes dancing on opposite speakers on the decks. It was like a scene outta a movie.

Everyone was very formally and well dressed for the evening, Baroness was in a stunning red dress and Purity herself was in a very flattering black number.
The Bouncers were in force once again today and were quite arrogantly not accepting tips. (which stuns most people). But they were very thorough never the less.

A few went up onto the balcony to go off into smaller groups (as in pics below) but everyone mingled well and got along.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and if you attended, we hope you did too.

   Everyone wishes Purity congratulations and we all know Sota is in safe hands. :)

Other Pictures from the Night....

Lev, Tappert, Baxie and Owen talk about Leet recipes as Baroness walks in

Baroness notes the only person standing out more than her is the guy in the brite white suit.

The backroom was packed thruout the night, and the couch was constantly full

Not enough room! ;)

Lev and Purity werent far away from each other all night, leading to some people talking wondering....;0)

Floaty thing alert! Oh no...just a pet....are pets ALLOWED in here? Health and safety will be onto the Baboons management if this pic gets out...

If yer name's not Bob, yer not comin in..... "But my names Robert!"   ..."Tough" says the bouncer....

Gunloki gets people pulping

2 Atroxes, a DJ and a Goddess....

The evening officially gets underway as Purity starts the dancing

OMG. David vs Goliath

Purity and Lev, dancing together on their own

L 2 R. gunloki, purity and Thomaas

Thomas does the funky "sneek" dance.

The TOP Awards

Best Dressed : Purity in her dark dress

Most Generous : ALL the people that gave Purity presents she didnt expect

Most Notable Thing : Purity's Promotion

Funniest Moment : Yaki's fight with a guy twice his size

Romance : Lev and Purity?

Top Score Award : Gunloki's DJ performance

DJ of the Night : Gunloki (announced DJ)

Best Dancer : The twin Atrox's