DJ Maive's Concert
8th September
Estimated Total Guests : 40+

It was the quickly re-arranged "Date Night" but Maive made everyone forget what day it was with a great performance of her art, on the stage and on the stream. The music was great, the individual dancing was cool, and as we see to the right, Baxie really enjoyed himself with cathymarie.

DJ Maive was announced to the crowd with a great reception, only a handful remained in the back room while the rest were partying and enjoying the atmosphere, the music and the energy from one of Rubi-Ka's hottest DJ's.

This was Maive's first night since "Battle of the DJ's" and her first night as top billing and on her own. She coped manificently.

The concert went on for well over 2 hours and if there was one thing that people took away from this night, it was that they were shattered from dancing and going home happy.

That pretty much says everything about the night, and is a tribute to DJ Maive. We cant wait for her next performance.

Watch out for one of Rubi-Ka's upcoming stars.

Other Pictures from the Night...

Backflipping and Breakdancing

Green Nano's and Green Drinks

Everyone getting down with it

The start of the concert

The back room before the concert, Ambrosia gives a lesson in dancing "Part 2, shaking your booty"

Is this a DJ Maive trademark? "Everyone on the stage!"

Solar relaxes in the far chair after the concert with his beloved Ravena

Jenski and Yakimo.
Husband and wife (not in that order tho....) ;)
Yaki is also easily storable in compartments and luggage...Easy for travel purposes...

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