Pennelope's Black Tie Ball
18th September

Tonight was a night of sophistication, mingling with people and a night of smart fashion. Forica and Legord were on guard to throw out people not up to the dress code and everyone who did make it in were thouroughly enjoying themselves.

The pictures really best describe the night, so i'll let them do the talking....

DJ Rederon shows clanners know good music too.

Forcia (left) & Legord (right) made sure everyone passed the fashion test otherwise they got chucked outside

A smart and fashionable Lev greeted as many people as possible and welcomed them in

The Dancefloor was full most of the night

Wine tasting was one of the evenings many activities

Jenavia and Kegern, arriving at the club

Thomaas, leader of the SOTA guild

Kegern and Jenavia double dating with Lev and Purity

The bar remained busy, long after the main party had died down

Tappert put his knowledge of drinking to good use by being bartender for the night. And doing it very well.

Xeonaught in fashionable clothes and looking the best dressed Atrox by far.