Masque Night
22nd September

I wont reveal who was who at this party. But everyone enjoyed themselves and were REALLY shocked at just who people were when it came to revealing their main characters.
We got a visit from GM Jdaug and GM Fadinaway who congratulated all the people who have made Baboons such a great place to roleplay. So thats a well done from him, to all the people that have contributed to this site and the nightclub.

EVIL Tappert? Surely our normal tappert is dastardly enough? No....this guy was EVEN more dastardly...and we *never* found out who it was.

Partying on, note the funky guy in the top left hand corner, its Lamuirl as Sirmixallot

Everyone reveals who they actually are. Shocking revalations came out.

A visit by GM Fadinaway, despite much begging, He wouldnt give Lev his funky outfit.....