Saturday 15th December
11:30pm CET,  10:30pm GMT

As we all know with the Official Rubi-Ki Xmas party coming up soon we have to sort at a few items. In order to do this next weekend will see the Pre Xmas party with a number of special events and prizes.

The Party will be on Saturday 15th of December Time at 10:30 pm GMT the location being of course baboons at 750,750 in Omni Ent.

During the night there will be two massive competitions first we will kick of a DJ Competition. Each DJ will have 10 minutes to impress the crowd and judges with there DJ styles. You may have streamed music, have dance scripts, you own special DJ shout outs, some DJ even have there own nano light show.

The competition is open to all people, Omni, Clan neutral, GM or ARKS, in order to take part, leave your in game DJ name here, on the baboons boards or send me a tell in game. I need to know by Saturday morning.

The prize for the best DJ will be to act as DJ for the official xmas party, also I am sure the normal cash or prize gifts will also be on offer.

The second competition is an old Baboons favorite the dance competition but with a twist. You have to script a 5 minute to 10 minute dance routine of your choice. During the night you will be asked to perform your dance for the on looking judges. The prize is your dance will become the official dance for the xmas party. The script will go on the official baboons site and before the xmas party people will be asked to Download it. During the night of the xmas party we will have a number of offical dances using that script. It should be fun to see a crowd doing the same dance. In order to enter just turn up on the night of the 15th with your script. Of course the normal cash prize is on offer to.

Of course you don't have to enter a competition the night is open to all so be you clan, omni, neutral come along cheer on your favorite DJ, laugh at the silly dances and get down and funky yourself.