Wedding Arrangments
Last Ditch is where Purity and me had our first date, so that's where we're holding it.

Its on top of the Reets  Retreat building (where we had our first date) on Saturday the 10th November, 4pmCST, 5pm EST and 10pm GMT

To get to Borealis and on to Last Ditch, we'll set up a team to get the lower level players (unable to grid) to take them from The Wompa in Omni-E that leads to 4 holes. from there, this team will run the lowber level players on a trek up to Stret West Bank and onto Borealis where it is then safe running on to Last Ditch.

In Last Ditch, here is how to find Reets...

You come in at the far end from the wall gate, and have to make your way to it (its not seen on this picture because the view was so far out)
Head from Penultimate Ditch Zone border (Borealis on map) and turn left, just follow the wall around and you'll eventually find the gate into the town. just head for the centre and the biggest building. which is, the Reets retreat.

Here you can see the town wall gate and the straight run up to Reets along the towns main road.

on top of Reets (all the way to the top) all seating is up for grabs apart from these spaces so we can make it look like a nice ceremony in front of the small tower.
The view is magnificent and there's plenty of seating available.