Fashion Contest
20th August

ok here are a few pics, the waitin is a few of us waitin for the judges to
pick the winners

I made it to the fashion contest at 9:30 est there was already a handful of
ppl there dancing. i walk the building see who was already there. then after
that i went to the judges and had us become team so we could all talk
easier. we started to get ready for the event at 10:05pm. we had all the
contestants file in to the vip room. i began to take names and had the
contestants follow me in to the toilets closest to the bar. then i came
out and said my thanx to the judges, xalara and baroness. The donator Demono
left paper with other donators some where else. i said that we would
have a mens and womens and that the prize was uped from 50k to 80k per
winner. we started of with the womens first was triel but then she went ld
so we had to come back to her. the womens went by with no other real
problems. as we began the mens xalara went ld so we had to wait while she
got back.. when she returned we finished up the mens and had a late entry in
the womens go. then we had our special contestants, first was demono then
since the audence wanted him so much we had solarflare make a run. then the
judges went into the bathroom and decide on the winners while we enjoyed our
selfs. then when they decided who won they came out of the bathroom and
annouced that triel and altourus won. then the winners, judges solarflare,
demono and me went into the vip room and took pictures. after pictures the
winners recieved their 80k. we hung out for a little while then altourus got
dised and time warped and lost his 80k so i repaided him.

i dont know when dj solarflare got there but he was filling in for amdrosia.

Thanks to Navik for this report. Thanks to Demono for funding the prizes as well.

Images from the night

Solar Goes Green as he gives another performance. Our resident DJ was on hand to give people some impetus.

A few of the contestants get down with Solar

The Line up. No, not an ID parade, but a fashion contest lol. All the entrants take their place

The contestants all go into the chillout room to await the judges decision

And finally, the winners. Triel and Altorous. Both won 80k in credits.