Agent Party
21st August

Here is a link to AgentSectors own site and report organized a good party for agents only (although a few non agents did get into the night and enjoyed themselves) It started off at around 9pm est and a small group soon turned into a party. Tekkor's speech was mostly drowned out, but the night was still a success as Agents traded stories, help and goods.
Free stuff was also being given out and I managed to come out with a new gun and a new nano program which made me very happy.
There were competitions where several agents came out with VERY expensive equipment. The mood in general was very at ease and happy.
Lev even DJ'ed a bit to get the party going and the night was very well recieved and everyone seemed to have a good time.

Thanks to for coming up with this original event. We look forward to seeing again they and any other agents that attended.

AgentSector's chairman, Tekkor

Bouncer for the night, Jigga

A good 30+ people turned up

Voltair, the vice chairman of AgentSector, he was very

Agents do the sneak dance...