Omni-Pol Off-Duty Cops turn to Raid

Chaosflare over see's as Lev offers them drinks   Yes at around 7am GMT, The club was in full swing when Baroness discovered 3 Omni-Pol riot cops at the Bar.
Chaosflare, Enotsgarc and Forica made their way into the Chill-Out Lounge where a surprised crowd greeted them. They sat down and chatted happily with clubbers while apparently enjoying their "Time off". Shizura was meanwhile trying to see how "off duty" they were by putting down the Over-sized Atrox's which dwarfed even the tallest of Atrox. This made them slightly disgruntled. And when one of them noticed DJ Saeden selling Stims....they asked to buy some. Once he agreed, he found out he'd actually been set in a trap (although it's his *own* fault for selling to cops!) ;). They dispatched his body after killing him and took all stims from him. This enraged Shizura and shocked the rest of the club. The Atrox's tried to settle back into the party atmosphere but they had gone too far. They asked others for stims but no-one was owning up. They also realized a clanner was standing on the table and he too was lucky to come away without a trip to Reclaim.

The Clanner gets shirty with the 3 HUGE officers The clanner wasnt doing himself any favours....implying insinuations and threats... the Police werent having any of it, even if they *were* off duty. Shizura was getting even more ryled up by Saeden's death and drew out her sword. She was teasing one of them, who was a bit too drunk to carry on so was teleported out by Chaos. But the two guards left, both level 175...were a match for anyone in the club, and they knew it.

Not even touched by Shizura's comments, she continued to give them "Bring it on!"'s and "I'll take u all on!"'s.  This did not help her case and Lev was beginning to worry.

The Cops said their goodbyes and began to walk to the door, but Shiz ran after them and caught them up on the dancefloor. Lev also chased to make sure everything was alright.

The 2 remaining Cops stand over small Shizura But....she continued with her tirade...which they didnt seem to like. And not matter how much butt-kissing Lev did...they were getting more and more irritated by Shizura. She at one point even ASKED them to try it on and arrest her. They did just that. To everyone's amazement, she disappeared. Both guards thanked Lev for a good time and left the building. It was only 10 minutes later that Shizura returned to tell that she had to lockpick her way out of Rome Green prision (Lev lives in Rome Green, he asked those mean ol guards for a lift...but they didnt take him) ;)
The moment was over. Saeden dead, Shizura arrested, and a complete raid on Baboons. The message "be more careful who u offer Stims to in future."