DJ SolarFlare's Bachelor Party
13th September 29,475ad

Seiffer arrives and Owen thinks death has finally found him After meeting at Baboons Nightclub, the gang (comprised of SolarFlare, Owen, Lev, Callex, Baxie, Moxica, Bloodseed and Seiffer) prepared for a night of ritual humiliation, debauchery, death and fun. Split into 4 distinct events, tonight was designed to never be forgotten. And most of Rubi-Ka either saw or heard it.

The group moved to Omni-E's insurance terminal because Lev (being the best man this coming weekend) had organized the whole night. Solar new nothing of his impending night and only a handful of others did as well. After insuring, the group moved to the Arena.

The Arena

The Arena The arena itself was fairly quiet. Only a few warriors around. But they all stood and stared on in disbelief as they witnessed the most unusual fight ever held so far.
 All of the group, barring Solar, armoured up and took out their weapons. The group of 7 were to fight SolarFlare while he had nothing on but his clothes, no weapons, no armour.
Lev had said all this was being done for a reason as the group moved into the Arena.  Part was for the first event, the ritual of friends to give "the bumps" to a friend to celebrate, the other part was still to come.
Solar trying to catch them unawares with a quick nano program, managed to kill one of the group, but within seconds....SolarFlare was dead......

Drunk or Dead?.......or drunk..... we couldnt really make out. All we know is that his body disappeared and went back to Reclaim.
Some people were asking what on earth was going on. Why 7 guys grouped up and killed a willing victim in his best outfit..... But the group moved on, back to meet SolarFlare at Reclaim.

Ride it cowboy!

By now, Moxica (usually a Leet) had changed into a dog. And Callex decided to ride the doggy back to Reclaim. At Reclaim, it was time to give SolarFlare the reason for his death....Beer. His whole inventory was comprised of Beer so a) he had nothing to rely on later, and b) to get him paraletically drunk.


Rome Lake and the bystanders The rowdy Mob then moved on to Rome, a place of harmony, of sophistication.....well no more.
The group said goodbye to Moxica as he had to go, but the party was only just getting into the swing of things. Rome is famed for its famous lake, a thing of beauty.

And this was to be the setting of SolarFlare's next test. The test of patience and endurance. Yes, one of the least things people put xp into is swimming, and boy did SolarFlare find that out here. With the flying Seiffer keeping a close eye over Solar, the group split into two, Baxie, Blood and Callex went to one end of the lake, Lev, Owen and Seiffer the other. Solar was made to swim 2 LENGTHS of this huge lake with a group at each end making sure he made it to the other side. Seiffer flew across the lake to make sure he cheated in SolarFlare makes his way from one endno way and it was halfway thru when Solar was beginning to realize the type of things that lay in store for him tonight.

He was moaning at his endeavor and people stood next to the Wompa and looked on as Rubi-Ka's famous DJ did things only teenagers and madmen dared to do.

Solar reaches the end and hauls himself out of the lake When he finally got to the last end, all the group had come together to congratulate him.

Wet, soaked and feeling drunk, Solar thought things couldnt get worse. But how wrong he could be as the group made their way to Rome's Grid. Loud shouting, woots and jokes were all that could be heard by grid participants as the team made their way thru for the next event of Solar's unbelievable Stag night. The ever increasingly rowdy group were now set to be shocked in the most outragous part of the night.........


   Tir was at its busiest time of the day as the party arrived. Men in armour stood and watched as the club goers appeared into the grid courtyard. Making their way to the central island, Solar was only just beginning to learn of the biggest prank of the night he had to perform.....
Solar begins to think and i call these people FRIENDS? Solar had to sing in the middle of Tir. And if that wasnt bad enough, Callex added to his woes when he suggested he wore a thong. On went the thong and that *really* started people staring.Solar in Tir main square Owen was now busy throwing up into Tir's toxic moat and people were beginning to notice the group of Omni's in their strongly clan side city. But then, nothing could prepare them for when Solar opened up his mouth and begun to sing a specially prepared song, written for him to sing without his knowledge........

"Im a lumber jack an im okay, Clanners are funny in a really big way...
They all sit around and they moan all day, that is simply what I'm here to say....

Im gettin married on Saturday day, and i am the groom to be,
This is my bachelor night party, im humilitated for you to see

We're soon off to the Dancing Atrox Bar, outside Omni-E,
Nekkid girls and drunken singing is whats instore for me!
We're all drinking Beer! Goodnight Tir!

Im a lumber jack an im okay, Clanners are funny in a really big way...
They all sit around and they moan all day, that is simply what I'm here to say...."

Solar's parade back to the gridAt this, one or two thought it was as funny as hell, others shouted back abuse... either way, Solar had made his impact on Tir.

Solar asked if he could now remove the thong. The group decided it funnier if he kept it on all the way to the Relax "Dancing Atrox" Bar outside Omni-E. With a big shout out, Solar was WALKED to the grid in a parade style, with onlookers stopping and staring at the groom to be in a thong.

DJ SolarFlare is used to being the centre of attention at his concerts, but he certainly wanted to be anywhere BUT the centre of attention tonight.

The grid walk was long and slow, and Solar was completely relived when we got there and he couldnt get into the grid fast enough.

Worse was to come when Omni-E was at its busiest and he had to make his way thru it still in thong. The group felt sorry for him and ran the rest of the way to the Dancing Atrox, where the last and final part of the night was awaiting him........

Relax, outside Omni-E

Relax "The Dancing Atrox" Bar

   To this day no-one knows why the Dancing Atrox is called that, since the sign clearly says "Relax".
Owen, Lev, Solar and Blood in the bar In the club, Callex ran off to prepare the final surprises for Solar and the others remained and talked. There was also a guild in here having a meeting and they quite werent prepared for seeing a stag night waltz in.....especially when Callex got back. After buying lots of drinks at the bar, the group were well and truly on the way to drunksville, owen knocking them back like no other.

Callex took his time, but Solar's final surprise was well worth it, for *all* the guys in the end. 4 beautiful girls turned up nearly naked to dance with one man. The Bachelor Boy.

Two of the girls dance happily with Solar SolarFlare, after his recent exploits, was more than happy to dance away with 4 beautiful girls and all the other guys cheered him on as the guild group looked on with jaws dropped.

Bloodseed gets up close and personal Lev had been joking that he'd booked 4 atrox's. And it just so happened that there were 2 atrox's in the guild sitting at the side looking on. After offering 20k to dance for solar, bloodseed (not an atrox and didnt want money funnily enough) decided to get nekkid n dance with Solar. Solar wasnt none too impressed but was too drunk now to resist any more.

After a good ten minutes of dancing with the girls and Bloodseed, SuperSlayer entered the club again. This time with a bikini on. Solar's night had come to an end in truly unsuspecting fashion as he threw shame to the wind and began dancing with the hired Atrox.

Solar, happily dancing with a 7ft Atrox in a bikini

As Omni-Pol continued to search for the rowdy rabble, the group made their way back to Baboons and finished off the night.

No-one here will EVER forget Solar's Bachelor Night in a hurry, if ever.