For detailed information and goings on on the social and personal aspects of the Baboons People, please visit Kirrana's website dedicated to everyone who goes along to the club.


Now i'll explain why i have taken out the regulars.

When i originally created this site months ago, no one visited the club. People only ran around to see what it was,  then left. Nothing ever happened and there was never ever more than 5 people in at any one time

Then once we created this site, i needed a way for newcomers coming in, to know the people who would RP with them over the people just running around thinking it was a static dungeon.
This page was created so people would know that these people would be kind, curtious and would RP with them without them having to ask

Since then, the club has grown hugely in success and nearly everyone in the game knows that Baboons is a place to RP and we bearly have anyone entering the club with armour or weapons still on (that used to be the norm in the early days)

People now know that everyone in there RolePlays, and the regulars stayed on to show people who were the most frequent visitors to the club.

People asked me if they could be on this page, and some even offered me money which i never accepted. I changed the idea of this page that if you ARE a regular, you get put on the regulars page.

A simple concept, but people still thought that just by turning up on a blue moon and asking nicely would get themselves put up on this page.
It was designed for the people who put the hours in to get their reward.

But since these times, a growing number have expressed concerns saying it is elitism and only people were chosen if they were here from the start

Ive tried my best to keep it fair and prove that isnt the case, and this page became the bane of my existence.

But as the numbers who resent the page have grown, ive always stated that i run this site for the people and the majority of loyal Baboons customers
What the majority wants, the majority gets and so i've taken out this page altogether.

I've linked this page to Kirrana's site because its completely ALL Roleplaying and gives people a good sense of the most original and most outstanding roleplayers in Baboons.

I hope you all understand my reasons for taking this page down, im sorry to the people who liked and loved this page and vied to be on it by putting in the hours turning up to the club

Im sorry to the people who thought this meant it was elitist

I couldnt have a division of resentment grow in Baboons, so i took the only sensible action i could see.
Thankyou for your time and understanding