We hear at Baboons want to give the crowd the best time possible. So to do that, we need the people who get the crowd a jumpin' and rocking the night away. We need people who can pump up a crowd and get them involed as a group and not just a bunch of people dancing.

   On Special nights, we'll have 2 or 3 dj's who can take it in turns to spin the decks. We want to book these people, and turn the best ones...into superstars on Rubi-Ka.
DJ Roboto (who may or may not turn up again) already staked an early claim in the first offical night.

DJ SolarFlare
    Our first ever "announced" DJ. And what a night he made it. Debuting on the "Blue Theme Night" on the 18th of August, Solar spectacularly burst onto the scene with a literal solarflare using his extended nano-programs to produce explosions from him that made everyone look on in amazement. Solar also has the material to back up his stunning display. Egging on the crowd and involving them with woots and shout outs. He handled dancing and best dressed competitions superbly and we're sure that Solar is gonna be a firm favourite for a long time to come. The man is 100% pure energy and it shows.

We didnt need music, Solar was enough to make everyone enjoy themselves and we're sure to have great feedback about him again and again and again.

You had to be there to witness it.

Solar now has his own fanclub, dedicated fans like Enchantress, Enotsgarc and others all want to be near their star. They've had photo's taken with him and some of which can be seen here.... 1 month anniversary

DJ Maive
With stunning looks and a personality to match, it was no wonder Maive won the "Battle of the DJ's" fighting her way onto the residents list.
She has a huge talent at crowd participation and it was this outstanding aspect that Solar judged her winner of the battle. She oozes confidence and could bewitch most men on the dancefloor. Our first female DJ also strikes a goal for all females on Rubi-Ka, so far we have it even, one male, one female and one droid ;)
Maive will probably be in lots more now and DJ at many future events to come. We hope she is spending her 100k wisely, although she doesnt need to buy new clothes. Her amazingly small dress (not seen in pictures) could make men faint!

We are sure that Maive will now go from strength to strength and make herself an established presence on Rubi-Ka and Baboons.

DJ Roboto
Maybe we'll announce him one of these days? Maybe not. Roboto turns up unexpectadly, thats part of his show and surprise. This lil droid sure knows how to make people laugh and shake it simultaniously. We'd love to know if he can shout. Because that would increase his popularity tremendously. He's already got female admirers, and it seems there's nothing the girls like better than putting themselves up against the cold steel and titanium body of this dynamic lil droid.

DJ Roboto
- inventive idea of using a pet droid as DJ. Also made everyone laugh with his banter.

Also, getting people to shout out in the crowd like Lev did is also another plus. We want active involvement. Getting peoples adreneline going. So please, volunteers are welcome, and ones that can make it to special nights will get extra coverage, not only on the "memorable nights" section, but on this page where we highlight the best and most talented Dj's of Rubi-Ka.

Rock the House!