Honey, i Shrunk Lev Rivers.....

The day started out funny. I swear i got outta bed the wrong side. Simply because i didnt remember THAT side of the bed being 6ft high from the floor
As i wondered into town, i suddenly realized. That stupid nano prog made me small overnight! Its meant to make me BIGGER goddammit!

Making new friends was difficult, but not impossible.
And i soon found a reety bird who wanted me to join their group.
For some reason she said that i was ideal at sneaking up behind and pulling mobs......

"Okay lads" said our new team leader
"Dont discriminate against Lev just because of his size, he still has a lot to contribute"
But all i could here were mutterings of "Shorty..", "Pinky" and "Who? Where?"
Today was not going to be a good day.
Although Im sure Yakimo will be very envious when he comes back.....

At our first kill. I realized things werent going to work out. The scorpiod was 50 times bigger than me.
Also, the doc thought i was trying to look up his skirt when he accidentally stepped over me.
Relationships in our team were beginning to sour.

I was also troubled with the monsters themselves. They scared me. I mean, LOOK at the size of the thing compared to me!
As the mumblings of "midget boy" and "ant man" grew louder, i heard the ground thunder....

This changed my mind. I wanted out. Things were getting scary for a 1/2ft tall midget.
The only decent thing about it all was that the gargantua couldnt SEE me i was so small.

After much deliberation, it wsa mutually agreed that i leave the group.
Us poor small phreaks of nature are SO discriminated against in this world of tall things ;)