Baboons is the coolest place on Rubi-Ka to hang out. Here we take a short walk around some of the area's of this great club.
The Entrance
The DanceFloor
The Party Mix Bar
The Decks
* * * * *The Chill-Out Lounge * * * * *
Upstairs Area

The Entrance


Beginning at the front door, you immediately know its quality when you see the sign. Baboons has 12,729 clubs in the galaxy. All very exclusive and spare no expense to make your time the most enjoyable you'll ever spend at a club. All the regulars are warm and friendly and if your here to roleplay, THIS is the place to be. Talk of droids selling bad package holidays to Rubi-Ka, Level Celebrations, conversations about champagne (Baroness is well known for it), .....everything and anything goes in here. Dance the night away, hang out at the cool bar, try your hand at DJ-ing, jump off the upstairs area in a pshycotic dance routine, lurk around the toilets with bad girls, or take it easy and relaxed in the famous chill-out room. It has something for everyone, and that of course, includes you.

The DanceFloor

     The dancefloor is where people get down and dirty with it.We've already had one dancing competition (held by Purity) And despite the lack of pairs dancing, it was a real orgy of fun. From disco turns to chicken dancing to Lev's jumping around stylee, it was a fun night had by one and all. The first "memorable" night (nights so memorable, we're gonna put them in a little section of their own). As you can see, some nights it gets really busy, and this is just the start. Once Rubi-Ka gets on it's feet, we're expecting huge crowds. This area is also well known for it's spacial distortion, the dancefloor was built on a subspace tear into a black hole, and the result is a tiny gravity well that makes time go slightly slower and makes everyone's enjoyment last longer (in onworlders speak, thats called lag ;) lol). The entrance is the hardest part, but once you get past, its' plain sailing from there on in.
    Strut your stuff here. Dancing is a pastime anywhere else. Here, it's an artform!

The Party Mix Bar

     The place to meet and greet. This bar is famous throughout Rubi-Ka for creating the "Party Mix" drink. It's now sold everywhere and with it's mix of nitro-glycerine and pure alcohol, along with every taste of beer, spirit and fruit drink you've ever had, it packs a punch you'll never forget. It's usually a fairly busy little place and for guys looking for girls (or vice versa) then this is the place for you. Make friends, buy people drinks to celebrate levelling, enjoy yourself! There's also a no-brawling possible law in here. The two bartenders can see off most stern opposition from level 100 and under. This is a place of friends and fun.
    Dancing on the bar is something we're trying to encourage, although we are asking this of the public, since Joe Blazerblok and Bradley Zinenthorpe (the two bartenders) are the strong silent types so may take an eon to get them up on the bar....
Be flush, buy people drinks and put them on tables, it makes you friends (Blazon will testify to that ;) lol )

The Decks

   The decks are the hub of Baboons'. The computer is hooked up to the galaxy-net and has every song ever written available to it (which is a wonder why it only ever seems to play two songs ;) lol)  This is where you get the chance to be a DJ. See how much of the crowd you can get on your side, encourage them to have the best time possible. Rock them till they drop. We also will have resident DJ's. The people who get the adreneline of the crowd going the most, will earn themselves a residents spot. But dont encroach on a resident DJ.....they're proffesionals. And one of the regulars will announce when a resident is on the decks.
     If louder is your thing, then the sound system here puts out tremours so bad that Omni-Pol are convinced there's a volcano situated under the Omni-Entertainment district and are looking into it. When they find out its us, we'll install sound buffers.

********The Chill-Out Lounge********

   This is where it all started. The regulars here are some of the friendliest people on Rubi-Ka. And one night not too long ago, we decided to turn this into THE place to be. Hence this site. The couch is where all the regulars congregate, and the table is where Rubi-Ka's best dancers show off their moves. Only the smallest thongs and most stunning dancing will do. Even the guys join in and show what they can do. Nano-enhanced performances also mix it to look like a light show as well. Truely a sight to see.
This place is the soul of Baboons, all the regulars talk about their day, whoose levelled, celebrate and continue to get to know each other.
   The regulars are also the ones that organized this site, and the events to make this place great. They announce the resident DJ's and it's run for the people, by the people. Theme nights, dancing competitions, special days, all are to be organized and talked over here. (that is, when it doesnt interupt their chill-out conversations).
Clores shows one of the guys how its done.     This is the place for the hard-fighting human to rest him/herself and find fun. The managers' room is just to the left upon entering (its an empty well of darkness in there, where silent conversations and whispers are held about Baboons' future).
There will also be special chill-out parties every so often, where we all get the booze (or champagne) in and have a really good time. Theme nights and the like will be taking place to celebrate special occasions. Suggestions are always welcome.

   As said, the chill-out room is host to the table dancers. The girls have this all sewn up, Purity, Kadd, Kittie, and Clores (sorry if i missed any) can always be found showing off their spectacular moves and bewitch you with their dancing. They are the true starts in here, and make this place what it is. Buy these girls drinks, they make this place liven up. Clores gives her all....Regulars such as Baroness, Decat, DocBrown, and Lev (soz if i missed anyone, i cant name *everyone*) hang out here and can always be found on the couch between 12am-3am GMT (or 7pm-10pm EST, or 4pm-7pm PST)

    So come in and chill-out. Anyone whoose anyone hangs out here. The rich, the famous (Freshman DocBrown), Ark's (advisors of Rubi-Ka) and even GM's. Be part of the action and the phenomenon that is Baboons Chill-Out Room.

No-where else even comes close.

Upstairs Area

If you can manage the steep and lagged climb to the upper level, you'll find a quiet and dark place to hang out. This is where couples come to get away from it all and do a lot of one on one roleplay. There's lovely tables and Lev has been known to jump off the balcony in some of the craziest dance routines ever seen... (called "Falling From Heaven" i believe)...straight into the dancing crowd.  It's ambient lighting makes this upper level very moody and seductive. Bring your partner here. It's something you'll never forget when you have a heart to heart here. (or maybe something else) :)
  In the picture here, you can see the decks down below, as well as the dancefloor.
    This has been a much more visited area of the club over the last month. For people who want the atmosphere but not the hustle and bustle, this is the getaway. Nice, moody and quiet, people come up here to hold small group conversations or look on the dancers from above.

The Toilets :(

Whats a club without a themed dirty toilets? Harking back to the pre-historic year 2000, these are what toilets used to look like and the theme carried on ever since. Naughty things go on back here, along with stim selling and underhanded deals that make the Rubi-Ka crime world go around. It's fun, in it's own kinda way. Stim selling goes on back here. Many a people have also thrown up the innards of their stomachs from one a too many drinks as well. The girls is on the left, the boys is on the right. Please respect this. The girls go in there to get changed. The boys go in there to hold Leet meetings (believe me, your better off not knowing)

Well, we hope you've enjoyed this insight into Baboons'. Feel free to come and look around yourself, and join in the 37 hour a day party atmosphere!