The Wedding Planner
30th September

Rubi-Ka's Biggest wedding to date needed a lot of Organization and lucky thats my middle name!
(well, okay its Daede...but what the hey!)

To begin with, I'll show a floor plan of how things will happen

I dont know the exact time yet, but its likely to be 12am - 1am GMT
People need to arrive BEFORE this time as this (the finaly confirmed time) will when the event STARTS and not when u need to turn UP
(i'll emphazize that over all this week)

As u can see above, its a pretty standard layout for a wedding
The bridesmaids will follow Ravena and her maid of honour from ouside (maybe from the side if some cant do the entrance) up the centre
of the aisle and the bridesmaids will then line up as shown above.

Chaggy will be waiting in the middle And maye go a bit up the ramp for height while Ravena and Solar stand/sit at the bottom as Chag then performs his ceremony

The ceremony will last probably around 10 minutes,
then a formal drinks reception will be held at the bar where Lev will give his best man speech

After that?........time to PARTY! The dancefloor is to be filled.....*no excuses*

Everyone can then have fun and do as they please :)

Thankyou for taking the time to read this.