Welcome to Baboons' Nightclub. The best place to relax, enjoy yourself, and role-play on Rubi-Ka. Situated in Omni-1's stunning Entertainment District, Baboons is up along with the Arena as Rubi-Ka's biggest tourist attraction.     Enjoyed by the rich and the famous, Baboons attracts only the biggest and best customers from all around the globe. Anyone whose anyone comes here, and we hope you will too.

LATEST NEWS : 07th Dec

Well just so you all know the site is under a big update this week so there's going to be a few changes as we gear up to hosting loads more parties. So the site may disappear at times, knowing me links will die but I will get things sorted out at some point just give me time.




 16th of December
 Wedding II
Rienna and Sunnglebuns
It appears this weekend was in fact a double wedding. So as well as Gestava and Sindrake we also have the chance to wish rienna and snugglebuns the best for the future. There wedding is taking place at the same time and place as gestava's.


Next Weekend: 16th of December
Gestava and Sindrake
Two people we all know and love. Well ok at least we all love Sindrake. Sorry Gestava but he
knows we are just joking we love you to. The wedding will be at the small lake/pond just east of Borealis. The normal after wedding party will be at Reets hope to see you all there.




Old Faces, New Faces Party.
The old Faces new faces party was a big success I did not expect so many people to turn up. It was nice to see so many people that I had not spoken to in ages. Hopefully this will not be a flying visit and that you will all be coming back to other parties soon

Weekend 15th of December
Pre-Xmas Party
The party was a great success I cant thank people enough for turning up and making the party so much fun. A full report on the party will be up later. 



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