DrSheep's Stag/Bachelor Night!

The picture above shows Sheepy being paraded to OmniTrade

Poor poor Sheepy was given "task" to control how much embarrasement he suffered. After being given a skimpy skirt, tight top and showing off his body to everyone, he learned he could stop all this by winning his first task. Task 1 was to run up to 10 people in 5 minutes, tell them he loved them very very much, before /blowkiss ing them and /moon ing them. One of the poor people to fall victim to this was head of Omni-Pol, Meister.
Drsheep actually did quite well, managing *6* out of 10 people in 5 minutes, but he still failed! ha haaa

Drsheep mooning someone after telling them he loved them, very very much!
We're still hoping for pictures showing Drsheep trying to accomplish his first and second task. I never witnessed it myself so if anyone does have any pictures, please send them to me

After having the "Drsheep is getting married in the morning!" song sung (with altered lyrics) to him in Omni-Trade for punishment, Sheepy had his second task. Given his 2nd pair of clothes (seen below) he had to find 4 other people to make up a Villiage People group and sing a rendition of "YMCA" while doing the movement, all within 6 minutes. (did i mention he had to convince them to wear bikini's???) :)
Low and behold, he barely found one person to do it. Sheepy's persuasion skills must be awful!! ;)

Drsheep in his 2nd set of clothes, along with Fjos, all during the Newland rampage

After the dismal failiure of Trade, Sheepy was paraded up to Newland. We were all so drunk at that time we were having trouble getting thru the town. It took us a full 20 minute to get from the gate to the backyard 1. ((lol, Newland crashed and was down that night, but we perservered))
Sporting a lovely leafy top, Sheepy was given his 2nd task

Lev, after half the group had tried chatting up the guide, explained the next task
Lev was insisting the tasks were getting easier, and to prove it, the next task was multiple choice.
Sheepy (now wearing his next set of clothes, a lovely little dinky number) could either be given ALL of his possessions (which he had been relieved of in ent) and try and kill the guide, OR, with only his bikini and a leet, could try and kill a Helper Droid in under 2 minutes.

Despite a roaring of choices from the crowd of "take out the guide" "DO the guide!" and "ASK her out for ME TOO!"
Sheepy went against the public opinion, and went for the helper droid challenge

Bones, Jezzay and Lev look on as Bloodrite and Rineea get comfortable to watch the titanic struggle
Cutting it within *8* seconds of failiure, Sheepy actually WON a challenge! The first of the night.
With many n00bs looking on in wonder at the phreaky mage in a bikini, Lev revealed that he missed out on his punishment of going to Athen and singing a specially prepared anti-clanner song with the theme tune of "Im a lumberjack and im ok!"

Sheepy, feeling sexy and confident as he was apparently not about to face "embarrasement", despite wearing female undies ;)
Despite not having his punishment in Athen, Sheep learned that his next task would be in Athen. A largely omni group in the unholy land! Lev had warned the group not to stray from the Wompa, incase of guard attack.

Sheepy and the group next to the Wompa, just about to start his next challenge
Sheeps last task of the night was a special one. He had been hand picked to try and raise funds for the Omni-Tek charity "Omni-Tek Weaponary Division - Clan Disintergrator Project", his spot for trying to raise funds for this needy cause? Athen.
The moment we all arrived the clans started getting uppety. They noticed us mainly coz the guy sticking out like a sore thumb in a bikini was omni.
After Sheep was told he had to raise 30k in 6 minutes, telling everyone where their money would be going to, the tirade of hate flew as the sheepfur hit the fan. Clanners were going mental at hearing an omni begging for money for an omni charity. Baxie also tried selling his banana gun, but, like Sheepy, all we were met with was hostility.
6 minutes passed, and Sheepy's final fund rasied? 0 creds.
How ungenerous ARE clanners????

After making Sheepy go thru such horrible things, and with everyone feeling really drunk. Lev got Guild leader Baxie to ordain him, enabling Lev to wed people. With all the entourage now dressed in bridesmaids gear, Sheepy's surprise was ready for him.....about to come through the Wompa any minute

Sheepy was overjoyed to see his surprise a Leet! All for him!
It wasnt long before Borealis saw the beginning of the first ever recorded Leet-Human marriage

With passers by coming along and noticing how fetching Gestava was in a dress, there was a cheery feeling to the proceedings as a drunk Sheep happily agreed to marry the leet with all his heart and make sure to look after it in sickness and in insurance terminal death

Apparently the dresses chaffed and grated on some of the male members, we wont divulge who tho
I'll just say that, from left to right is Baxie, Fjos, Rineea, Gestava (nice butt!) ;), Bonefish, a spectator, and Jezzay

With the night over, Sheepy just had to celebrate his nuptuals (seeming to forget he had another marriage in the morning) by a honeymoon in Meetmedere. It was STUNNING how scared the clans seemed to be to attack a male Nano-Mage in a Red Dress!

Doesnt the red just offset brilliantly with his skin??? ;)

After seemingly ages, Drsheep was actually killed (i missed how), but im sure some clanner actually was gonna go back n boast "hey i killed a lvl 98 today woot!" failing to mention he was wearing a red dress....... ;)

The night finished with most people feeling sick and drunk. Here Baxie passed out. You can see the Dizzying Nanos floating all around him in colour.