Omni-Entertainment is a big place. The Arena is at the centre of it all and helps, but still, easy to get lost. Well here at Baboons we want to help you find your way around, and more importantly, find the club. So here's two ways that will almost certainly help you get to where the party's at.
Map to Baboons

This map shows Omni-Entertainment as seen thru your zone map display. Most important areas are marked out and the trip below is outlined in blue here.
Baboons is circled in Green and is in the east of Entertainment North. Its at the end of one of the main diagonal aisles leading into the Arena.

This will help most people find where we are every time. But we know everyone isnt an experienced level 40+ map reader.

So here at Baboons we want to make sure you have a stress-free experience, and that means getting to us.
So, out ever-trusted assassin and regular, Lev has kindly done the run to show you a simple and picture reference way of getting to us.
The blue line above shows the route he's about to take.....

Foot Running to Baboons
Grid Access to Baboons Nightclub

  If you use this picture trail along with the map,
you'll find it's even easier. Using the map, you can 
see Lev is starting out from the Grid ACCESS point
in Omni-E, between the two Wompa Networks. He's
gonna run from here to Baboons' to show you the 
route he takes every day.

Here's a panned out picture,
this shows the overall area of what the grid access
point looks like. From here, Lev is going to
run directly north, heading up towards the
Wompa Network that goes to Galway, 4 Holes,
and 2k. (basically head NORTH)

Here's another view of what *he* sees as he sets

Picture 2, just keep running this way
until you see the Wompa's

Right, you'll get to the Wompa's and the first one
you see will be to Galway Castle. Dont go
in it! 

Simple look to your left and you'll see a turning
inbetween the two buildings. Go down there.
You'll now be heading directly WEST

Dont worry, nearly there. Just
keep the faith and keep running.

The first turning right,....take it.
You shouldnt of seen or gone past ANY right turns prior to this.

After taking the right turning, you'll see the road
forks off in two diagonal directions. You wanna
go left (still going forwards tho)

As you do, you'll see on your right the
mystical palace. You've made it. Well Done.
Now you just have to make it past the bouncer ;) lol

If you really are stuck, and neither of these ways have helped you get to Baboons, simply /tell one of the group and ask. But dont hope for us to come out and show
you, thats for the very worst case scenarios.

Now your here, you can let your hair down and have a great time! :)