Welcome to Baboons' Nightclub. The best place to relax, enjoy yourself, and role-play on Rubi-Ka. Situated in Omni-1's stunning Entertainment District, Baboons is up along with the Arena as Rubi-Ka's biggest tourist attraction.     

Enjoyed by the rich and the famous, Baboons attracts only the biggest and best customers from all around the globe. Anyone whose anyone comes here, and we hope you will too.

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Next Event: 
Posted by Kirrana

I have had a great time running the site and doing events in baboons, I have had the chance to meet a lot of people and share with them good times. Sadly all things must come to an end and for me this means an end to doing this site and running any more events in baboons. 

The truth is I no longer feel the same way I did about AO, the idea and vision I had in game have become lost. I no longer feel like spending my time doing arranging the events or writing about them afterwards AO had a lot of promise at the start but I feel now the social ideals behind AO have gone. A lot of the people who started in baboons have left, FC do little to run events at all now and i just feel like its all come to an end.

But not all it lost, I am still doing my news site, plus lev is around he may carry on with the site and doing events. We are also planning to move to SWG when it is released and maybe open up a club there of course the details will be published here when that happens.

I just want to end by saying thanks to all the people that came to the baboons parties, and a special thanks to all the people that help run them or just stopped by the green room to chat.

Goodbye Kirrana

Lev is Back !!! 
Posted by Kirrana
Mon 23rd March 2002 12:00:00 GMT

Lev Rivers is back on Rubi-Ka and is hosting Lev Rivers Party in the Park on Sat 27th of April the details of which are below. Hope to see you all there.

Sat.27th of April 2pmEST(US), 8pm(UK), 9pm(EURO),
Lev Rivers, famous adventurer, ex-assassin and former club/party host at Baboons' famous nightclub in Omni-1, has come back from another of his stunningly exciting off-world trips to bring Rubi-Ka yet another amazing event.

"Lev Rivers' Party in the Park" is with your help going to be THE biggest party ever held on Rubika. Open to everyone, omni, clan and neutral, we want to put the obligations of war behind for one night and party like never before.

Guilds, groups, masters, newbies, ARKs and GMs will hopefully all be in attendance at the open air concert that will have entertainment like only the famous Levster can produce...
With a competition prize of 1 MILLION CREDITS, entertainment such as a FEMALE DANCING TROOP, GUEST DJ's, LIVE MUSIC, and some SURPRISES instore, it is guaranteed to also be the most fun, ever had on this red planet. Bring a Leet and a Lava Lamp and join in the fun!
We are expecting a major turnout in one of Rubikas' least lagged places, so feel free to come along.

The Party itself is to be situated in BOREALIS, at the far end area, co-ordinates 600, 680 outside the Advanced Weapons Emporium and Indy's Implants store. The site has been chosen due to it's accessibility (low grid req), neutrality (no clanners or omni's getting gunned down by opposing guards) and it's ease of use.
We are also asking people to bring along lava lamps, so at one point in the night (suggested by Azurra) we can all drop them at once and make a stunning screenshot of around 200 or more lights, all lighting up Borealis like never before.

PLEASE feel free to come along with your friends and enjoy yourself.
Invite your guild, invite your friends, invite everyone!
It will be a night never to be forgotton!
Thankyou for your time....

Big bash in Baboons Tonight Saturday 23rd March
Posted by Kirrana
Mon 23rd March 2002 12:00:00 GMT

They can hardly believe they have been married for only a year but it is that time again. So this Saturday Baboons is proud to host Rubi-Ka most famous neutral couple Nyadach or Silenna. Leaders of one biggest guilds on Rubi-Ka is bound to be one of the best parties seen on Rubi-Ka. 

As part of the party the couple will be renewing their wedding vows so guests are asked to respect this by being in formal dress or a least smart clothes. After the ceremony there will the usual dancing, partying and competitions open to all. Of course for the party you may change into your party clothes.

The party will start at about 9.00 pm GMT but those with problems of lag may like to arrive to bit before this. People with problems getting to Baboons may contact Silenna or Nyadach whom might be able to help.



Save the Leet Party Raised 3.2 Million
Posted by Kirrana
Mon 18th March 2002 12:00:00 GMT

The party on Saturday was a big success and I cant thank enough all the people that turned up, bought items, gave items or just came to party. The party started in some what strange fashion as I managed to get stuck in a lift in Omni Trade. Don't ask how I got there but luckily a passer by named Cosmik got me out so I could get to the party.

By the time I got there the party was in full swing I had not been able to got hold of the normal DJ for the night but by chance a passing DJ offered to stand in. To my surprise DJ Goraikou was already warming the crowd up with a selection of live music from the old Hip Hop and rap phase. The crowd enjoyed this new form of music to Rubi-Ka and as you can see from the pictures she packed the floor with people dancing and having a good time.

Not sure if they where having a good time or not but I did spot a couple of young ladies chatting to Cosmik at the bar. His tactic of not wear the thong appeared to be working that was until he shouted out phear me that is.

Of course the evening was not just about having a good time, the focus was raising money for the leets, who also arrived in large numbers to enjoy the party. Jiilan from the Friend Leet Foundation was there to make sure the leets where behaving them selves. A few hopped onto the decks and seemed to enjoy spinning around as the records where playing, having to jump each time to avoid the needle. But no harm was done and they soon bored with this the leets took to rolling around the floor in the green room.

While everyone was dancing away Captain Baxie was take donations for the Leet auction, most people gave away items for us to sell a few generous people even gave us cash. Thanks to Lunardeath for giving the generous sum of 300K to the leet cause to get us started.

With the music still playing Baxie started the auction, there was weapons, amour, clothing you name it we where given it. Twink gave us a set of Omni-Pol Black amour which went for 350k, puppyeyes gave us a QL 200 rifle which went for 400k, there where many more items given to us by people. Sadly I cant remember all the peoples names, but thanks to everyone who gave us stuff.

Also thanks goes to the people who put there hands in their pockets to buy the items, a special thanks has to go to SlikeX from SlikeX entertainment http://silke-entertainment.jwdx.com/   for buying a lot of the early items up. I am not sure what hes going to do with all the stuff he bought but it was still very good of him. It was also good of all the other people that bought items, I hope you found them useful special thanks has to go to Rakinishi who bought a number of items.

Well the auction lasted a few hours much longer than expected but we got the the last item. Puppyeyes had given us a pair of her pants to sell. We were told they where newly worn but we did not like to ask puppy any more details. Well as you can imagine the bidding on this was high from the start but a twist in the offer saw it rise to 300k if puppyeyes would model them. As you can see from the photos below Rathas the luckily winner of this item had his photo taken with puppyeyes in the fore mentioned pants. Before you get the wrong idea about Rathas I would like to point out he let puppy keep the pants but still paid the 300k just for the photo.

By the time the auction was over the party had ended but it was a complete success and raise just over 3.2 million a lot more than the 1 million we had hoped for. Jiilan would like to thank all the people for taking part and raising the money. A lot of leets will sleep well tonight knowing there's food on the table tomorrow.


Dance Floor is buzy Cosmik chats to the ladies look no thong. Leet on the desk as DJ keeps a close eye
Auction gets going Rathas photo and puppy with them pants

 OOC all the money raised will be given away at future events in baboons in the form of contests as we have hosted in the past. Thanks to all the people that turned up and gave items or bought items. You have made it possible for me to run many more events in baboons than would other wise be possible. There is a big event planned for Easter, so watch the boards for that.


Leet Auction Party 
Posted by Kirrana
Mon 11th March 2002 12:00:00 GMT

On Saturday 16th of March at 11.00 GMT we will be hold Rubi-Ka's first leet auction. The idea is people will donate items that we can auction off to the highest bidder. All the money will be going to a good cause to help save the leets on Rubi-Ka. After the auction we will have the normal baboons party. We are also hoping to have a few special guests one Mr Diamondcutter, who is not to happy about leets in the club. So we need as many leets as possible on the dance floor to make him feel right at home.

OOC all the money raised will go towards a future event and all of it will be given away in some form of lotto or perhaps as a prize in a contest. No players will make a profit out of the night. Well unless we give the money to cosmik who has been eyeing up a new thong. 



New Boards 
Posted by Kirrana
Thu 7th March 2002 12:00:00 GMT

Ok the old boards are as good as dead, its bad enough with all the adverts but now the old boards started giving script errors to its out with the old and in with the new. The only down side is you will have to register in order to use them :(. Click here for the New Board


Baboons New Club Owner 
Posted by Kirrana
Thu 7th March 2002 12:00:00 GMT

You may be as shocked as I to learn that a new face has arrived in baboons. Despite be welcomed in the normal baboons manner One Dave Diamondcut Duster upset the crowd by telling them that he was now the club owner.  For a long time the club has been owner by the the people of Rubi-Ka and at first looked after by Lev Rivers and then by yours truly Kirrana. It remains to be seen what Dave is going to do with the club but if he think we are just going to hand it over hes got another thing comming.

We also have the support of Omni-Pol whom later escorted Diamondcut from the club for questioning, during the trip to Omni HQ he was able to give them the slip.


First Rubi-Ka 2 Party 
Posted by Kirrana
Thu 7th March 2002 12:00:00 GMT

In an effort to show people that RK2 was far from dead we had a Save Rubi-Ka Two party in fact my first party on the second planet. I got to the planet a few hours before the party but as an Omni Player I soon ran into problems. How was I going to get to reets. Well luckily for me a passing hero came to the rescue so a big thanks goes Twoshots for getting me to the party. 

Getting there just before the party started I was shocked to see so many people already at Reets getting down.  It was good to see a real mixture of people and all manner of clothes being worn. While I was just a newbie to RK2 I was made feel very welcome. Well after several hours of dancing and drinking it was time for the fashion show. With 8 contestants strutting there stuff on the dance floor it was hard for the judges to pick a winner. So while the best prizes went to the winners the judge decided everyone should get a prize.

1st Place          Exxaliose
2nd Place         Lucklynuke
3rd Place          Zaldox
4th Place          Thekkeht
Joint 5th Place   Munn, Perfidia, Konette, Tinean,

A big thanks has to go to Goopher who acted as both judge and put the money in for the prizes.

Goopher The party starts

Quick Group Photo

The contest begins