Welcome to Baboons' Nightclub. The best place to relax, enjoy yourself, and role-play on Rubi-Ka. Situated in Omni-1's stunning Entertainment District, Baboons is up along with the Arena as Rubi-Ka's biggest tourist attraction.     

Enjoyed by the rich and the famous, Baboons attracts only the biggest and best customers from all around the globe. Anyone whose anyone comes here, and we hope you will too.

Next Event: Baxies and Chimera's Wedding
Location: Baboons
Time: 23:00 GMT On the 26th of Dec
Next Event: TBA
The Rubi-Ki Oscars - Player Awards 2001
Posted by Kirrana
Tue 22 Jan 2002 12:00:00 GMT

I am sure many of you by now have seen a baboons party. Well if not I am planning on this weekend but details of that later.

I have had a few comments about the parties all being the same and trying to come up with new ideas. Trust me I do try but its not always easy.

But I am glad to launch the start of the Player Awards 2001-2002, if you like the AO Oscars. Before you ask is this back by FC the answer is not yet but I am sure they will be willing to lend a hand as they have done in the past. Will it be fair and not just selecting the famous players. Well I will try to be as fair as possible, I do try to give the smaller players a chance but it is down to the public voting at the end of the day. But please dont lose site of the fact this is a bit of fun getting an award will not really mean to much nor will the fact if you don't win. Its just ment to be an event to give you something new to think about. Also the night of the awards should be a bit of fun to. Dressing up, a few speeches made etc etc.

So what are the awards for I hear you asking me. Well this is the first stage in which you can help out but suggesting award titles for the event. To give you some idea the following is a mixture I and a few others have come up with.

Best Guild.
Best Clan Guild.
Best Omni Guild.

Best player.
Best Clan player
Best Omni Player

Best Class ( could have one for each class ie mp or doc)
Best P v P er
Best Roleplayer.
Best Ark
Best GM
Best AO news site
Best AO non news site

Biggest Gob on Rubi-Ki award.
Biggest Moaning Git award.
Atrox in the silly clothes awards.
Artox in a thong award
Funniest Player award
Stupidest player award
The most pointless Activity Award ( creating your own weps prehaps)
I got stuck in the Silliest place Award.
The stupidest thing I have tried to do yet. ( running through broken shores at level 40 for me)
Worst thing you have heard a player say
Worst dress player.
Worst Role-player
Biggest crybaby Award.
Stupidest newbie question

Well it gives you some idea of the type of awards and not all of the above will be included so give you views on them. Also keep sight of the fact this is a bit of fun, please dont enter people who do who not see the funny side of this. Also do not be cruel or go out of your way to make people look stupid. If you want to make your self look stupid then that's fine be me.

I am sure you will ask me how this is going to work the honest answer is I dont know yet. My hope is after the awards are decided you can nominate your person for the award with short reason 5 to 10 lines why you think they should get this award and of course any pics to.

We will then pick the top 5 and somehow but I as yet have no idea how allow people to vote on who they think is the best via some sort of web polling. Unless you have any better ideas of course.

Then some time in the future we will host a night where the awards will be announced and the winners asked to make a short speech. As to the date of this I don't know but as you can see there will be a lot of work so at least a month or two. We may even do a weekly voting to spread it out over a few more months.


Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

Baboons wishes the whole of Rubi-Ka a merry xmas and happy new year. We will be back with more parties in the new year. Until then have a nice holiday and dont forget Baxies and Chim's wedding on the 26th.


Post Rubi-Ka's Christmas Party
Posted by Kirrana
Sat 23 Dec 2001 12:00:00 GMT

Thanks to all the people that turned up to the Xmas party it was a great event. Special thanks goes to Tatjaana and her friends from the leet foundation for helping with the leet parade. Father for the Xmas speech, Cosmik and the AO Basher (Mouse, Killah, Sion) team for the Xmas Cosmik dance. The wanderer for DJing all night and Razlshvat for the special xmas dance pravii. 

I will do a full report and more pics later until then a few to start you off.

Leet Parade Leets on Stage Father Speech

DJ TheWanderer AOB and Cosmik Dance Me and Raz doing the Pravii

The Rubi-Ka's Christmas Party
Posted by Kirrana
Thu, 20 Dec 2001 16:00:00 GMT

Time: Start 22:00 GMT
Date: Saturday 22nd Dec
Location: Start east south park in omni ent then on to baboons
Type: Xmas Party
Dress: Formal, Uniforms, smart dress, long dress.

Its that time again we all know and love Christmas and here on Rubi-Ka we still celebrate as true to the old style as possible. So this Saturday we will be holding the traditional massive Xmas party including the Xmas show. This year we are kicking the event off as we do each each with the leet parade organized by Tatjaana founder of the Friendleet Foundation.


The leets will gather at the the south east park in Omni entertainment a short distance from the ent to trade wompa. The leets will start to gather at around 21:30 GMT and set of at around 22:00 GMT through omni ent at a slow pace and in line to the baboons club. We hope to get as many leets as possible and hope we get a large number of people out to watch.

Once inside the xmas show will continue, while we are yet to work out the full line up we expect to see the GM song and dance, the Arks will also be in the show, the AOB team have also said they will be there.

One part of the show will be the ATROX dance, we are hoping this year it will be lead by snarf but this has yet to be confirmed. But the ATROX dance is open to all atrox to show there special dances off on stage and is open to all atrox. (Due to good taste rules 45 and 49 we have to restrict the number of thong wearing atrox to 5 only this year)

The show will end with normal Xmas Ball, with special star guess DJ TheWanderer. During the ball we will be lead on the offical Rubi-Ka xmas dance by Razishlyat whose dance script you will need to DL HERE.

So please come along to the event, and note the dress code for the party is formal so try to dress smart if possible.

(OOC I am still looking for guilds or groups of people with interesting ideas for events they could do in the show. So this is your big chance to be famous)

The Double Wedding
Posted by Kirrana
Tue, 18 Dec 2001 18:00:00 GMT

Congratulations to both couples who are now happily wed after Sundays double wedding. Gestava married Sindrake followed by Rienna marrying her long term boyfriend Snugglebuns. Both parties went for the very traditional white wedding as you can see from the pictures both couples looked amazing. 

Thanks to nyadach for the pictures

Gestava and Sindrake

Rienna and Snugglebuns

Party after wards

Pre-Xmas Party
Posted by Kirrana
Mon, 17 Dec 2001 18:00:00 GMT

Thanks to all the people that turned up to the massive Baboons Pre-xmas party. I was surprised to see guests arrive a full hour before the start of the event and by the time the DJ contest kicked off we had 70+ people on the dance floor. Party animal Cosmik never misses a party only this time he brought a number of ARKs who had just finished a long shift to relax at the party. The DJ contest went down a storm as a mixture of pop, dance and even metal music filled the air. 

After the DJ's got the crowd worked up it was down to the dance contest. The floor still packed as people grooved to the latest hits of Rubi-Ka. It was a hard fought contest with some of the best dancing ever seen in Rubi-Ka yet a winner had to be found.

Top DJ

Dance Contest Champ

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