The Dummies Guide to Scripting Moves and Dancing.

     Wanna make yourself do loadsa moves at the touch of a button? Wanna create dance routines that make people go "wow, either his fingers move fast or HE HAS MACROS!"

          Well, worry no more. I'll show you how to make scripts THE EASY WAY. Since there was no help for me when i was a newbie.

First things first, what are about to do is create a continuation of moves/emotes, or single scripts.

What we are going to do is string them together, so you can access a continuation of these moves/sayings in one easy word.

Right, simply open up your Anarchy Online folder in Explorer (or its equivolent whatever system u r using)

In the Anarchy Online folder, make a new folder called "Scripts" (without the "s) its in this that you will save your files of scripts.

Okay, we're ready to begin. Open up NOTEPAD.....

Now treat this as you would your text bar on AO, except you have the ability to write a LIST of moves, instead of just one at a time.

For instance....

There are a few things to note when using this.
Note that the last line, i have no / thats because i want my character to simply talk. So, again, treat it just like you would the text bar in AO. Just type in what you want to say.
/delay - delaying is an important part of this process, if THE most. If you took out the delays in this example, the prostrate and nono emotion moves would start at the same time and you wouldnt see one of them. All 3 speech lines would come out at the same time....

So as you can see, this would break down into this event

Character begins to bow down Waynes World Stylee and says "We're Not Worthy!"

After doing the bowing for a further second, he'll say it again (gives time for the people to read the first line) "We're Not Worthy!"

Then, by this time the bowing movement should be coming to an end and the character should begin to shake his head (nono) and say "We are SO not worthy...."

See? Simple when you take it slowly and think it through.

This is all initiate by what you SAVE the SCRIPT as in Notepad.

In the example above, you see its saved as "notworthy"

so, by simply typing in "notworthy.txt" in the ao text bar, that whole scenario begins as AO reads the text file.

Oh dear god. For a move longer than a minute, this can be complicated and fraught. I practiced in my apartment for a full 20 mins getting one routine right.
A good idea is to take small sections, and repeat them in different places. So it looks like a "chorus" of your dance. It also shortens the time of scripting your dances.
use the /me command to also describe some of your actions when dancing.

Fr'instance... using "/me is punching the air"

results in...

"levrivers is punching the air" come up in pink dialogue on AO.

I cant really help you any more through this process, but to give you an example of my longest dance routine and what its comprised of.....

A good point is sometimes NOT to let moves be completed.... try pulp, long move. But if you cut flamenco into it, it can make it look like a completely different and unique move altogether.

Try stuff out. Once you master a dance routine, it looks cool and you feel like a dance guru ;) lol
Good luck dancing and expressing yourself!