In this section you can read and see about things that have happened in the club over recent weeks.
   If something happened like a small party, gathering, or contest. It'll be here.

DJ SolarFlare's Bachelor Party
26th Sept The most unbelievable stag night ever.....

Masque Night
22nd September. People coming as different characters, could YOU guess?

Pennelope's Black Tie Ball
16th September A night of sophistication

DJ Maive's Concert
8th September. DJ Maive rocked the crowd with great music and a fun time.

Purity's Promotion Party
7th September. A large gathering of people wishing Purity well after her promotion to General of Sota

Omni-Pol Off-Duty Turns to Raid
31st August Exactly as the title describes, it was an eventful day.

Beckies' Dance Contest
28th August Beckie held her own organized dance contest...Giant Leets, level 300 clanners and much more

Agent Party
21st August held an agent party for all the agents of Rubi-Ka. See what went on here,

Fashion Contest
20th August OEH (Omni Event Hosting) brought a Fashion contest to Babs. See what went on here.